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This will be a long one, sorry.
I play the MMO called World of Wacraft, which I am sure a lot of you know about. My problem started when I became interested in a Roleplaying private server for World of Warcraft. It started out easy, just made a few friends. But then it became deeper than that. I started to realise how long I was talking to these online friends, and it go to the point where I was neglecting my real friends and my real life because of these friends, who I had been typing to on Skype when I was not playing the game. These online friends seemed to understand me, as I was quite lonely in real life with only a few friends. What made this change for the worst was when I met a girl. Now, to make this easier, let's call her 'G'. Now, me and G seemed to really hit it off, and I started to fall in love with a character who I had never even seen in real life before, nor speak to, just purely game and Skype interactions. It was the first time this had ever happened to me - love in a game. I thought I was going crazy, and I pretty much was, but I still felt a connection, and we used to do a lot of RRP and ERP in the game, like we were a real couple. Now, when we broke up, I became really depressed. I couldn't really see a point in living anymore, and I started to think that my life meant nothing, and I lost pretty much all of my online friends and a lot of real life friends because I was engrossed in G. Now, this isn't where it stopped. I went to another similar server to this one I had been playing, and again, I met another girl, though she didn't last long and it didn't mean much to me as I didn't make the same mistake. Though, this demonstrated how much I became engrossed in the game, like it was my real life. About a month ago, I started getting back into roleplay servers because my real life was going bad, and I wanted to get some online friends like I had before. I made more than just friends; I 'fell in love' again, with a 'girl'. We had so much romance, and we always RPP'd and ERP'd all the time, spoke on Skype, though 'she' never called me, because I later found out it was a gay man. I sorta forgave him, and we became friends.
Now comes my most current problem. About a week ago, and to this date, I met an actual girl. Now, this girl was quite a naughty one, and we met via ERP. She always told me of these naughty things she would do on Skype. I declined this, as I soon became actually connected to her, and she lived in England too. She also showed interest in me. We were in an 'online relationship'. Now, I began to be suspicious. Girls like this don't usually show interest to me, and I knew (or I am 90% certain so) that she was a girl because we spoke on Skype, unless he/she used a VERY intelligent and realistic voice changer. She also had a friend, who was a naughty one too. Now, this friend of hers claimed to have a boyfriend who was very abusive to her, but that part will be important later on. Right now, what matters is that the girl I came to love we will call 'S' and her friend we will call 'D'. Now, I became suspicious when S had told me she had done cam calls and sent pictures to boys before, and I thought that I wasn't the only one she had her eye on. So, I asked D what she had been doing with other boys recently, in private. Now, D told me that S had been doing cam with another boy. I was instantly angry, and I let S know that I was. But, she told me that D was lying, and it all went into one big argument. Now, I eventually made up for my actions, but S wouldn't forgive me for not trusting her. S also seemed to forgive D, even though she lied about her. So, it seemed okay, and I was 'single' again. I really wanted to get S to forgive me again, and I tried to be the best I could, and I said sorry. Now, a few hours ago, I asked S if I could call her, and she said okay, and asked if she could invite D too, which was all fine, and she did. What I did not expect is that D's 'boyfriend' was to come to the mic and start screaming at me for supposedly trying to take his girlfriend. Now, I went against this 'boyfriend' and told him not to touch D, and to leave her alone, along with a lot more abusive things I won't include in here, which he said to me also. Now, it seemed like D was hiding, and it sounded like her boyfriend was very mad and trying to get her in order to hit her, like D had said he did before. I started to confront the boyfriend, telling him to stop whilst in the call, and S started to cry on the mic and begged him to stop. A little while later, he came to the mic, and claimed I had been 'trolled' and he claimed to be D and D's BF, meaning it had been that person all along. I did not and still do not believe him, so I blocked him, and tried to cheer S up. Now, the last thing that S put in the chat after she ignored my IMs for a short period of time was 'im blocking him' and then she went off, supposedly.
I looked on S's profile and it said that she hadn't shared her details with me. I tried to add her back, and each time I tried this, she would not reply. A few minutes later, I noticed her Skype name had been changed to 'U MAD BRO'.
Now, I am left alone and confused. Had this 'boyfriend' gotten into S's account? Had I really done something to upset S? Was this all just a joke, and S was trolling me?
I hoped this community could help, as I really did think me and S could meet and work something out, because she claimed to live in a place that was 1 hour from me, and she really seemed like a girl on call! I am very confused at this time, and I don't know what to do. I have asked S what I have done wrong, and I have received nothing back. I checked in-game to see if she may have gone online, but I did not see anything. This is the situation right now. If you need more information about all this, please ask, and I beg for your help. I am just so alone, and my head is in a mess now. I almost feel depressed.
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u r fooled by the gsme created by urself

Who have no idea which is who and any on line game?