Changed, Saved, And Blessed.

I've met my share of great people. Those people who make you feel generally great. But I had never met someone that made me feel like this. This feeling... It's so amazing. I hope it never fades. I feel like it's here to stay. Hopefully forever.

You see I met this guy online. It didn't take long before I really started liking him. We had a pretty weird first conversation but it turned out great in the end. It started, not so great on my side, ended amazingly on both sides I'd think.

After some time, I'd fallen for this guy. I knew he was something special, but I didn't know what until then. But after that I've never doubted it. He really changed my life. You could say he turned it around bit by bit. My life would never be what it is today without him.

But being me, not feeling well and having a hard time, di something stupid. I tried to kill myself. The only thing I really did before the atempt was sending him a text message telling him that and saying goodbye. Then I wrote a letter for my family and friends. But he managed to get the police to my house, who made me stop right in time. It was a close call. But thanks to him, I made it here. He not only changed my life for the better but he also saved it. He kept me from doing it a lot of times, but that was the one time that I did it.

But after that, it's been looking better. It really changed my view of things.
He is still by my side, and I'll be by his as long as he still wants me to. I'll never just let him go. No one can compare to him. He is really special to me. Before I met him, I'd almost lost hope in true love. But now I know it exists. We're really lucky to have eachother and I'll never take it for granted. It really is a blessing. He's blessed my life- I don't think I'll ever meet someone who can compare to him. He's just special. There's something about him, I don't really know what, but it makes him amazing. Perfect even.

He made me who I am. He's a part of my life that I never want to lose. We've had many beautiful days, and we'll hopefully have many more. I could get high from him. I'm serious. It might even damage my brain, that's how amazing he is. I don't know what I did to deserve being with him. He's so amazing, Sometimes I have a hard time believeing that we are actually together. That I get to be with him, that we both love eachother, it's truly amazing.

My life will never be the same, and I'm thankful for it. He came into my life, and it sudenly became worth living. Life is beautiful thanks to him. He really changed my life.
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What a beautiful amazing post - lovely to read. *mwah*
well written - awesome -
Mark xx