When I Spoke to Him On the Phone and Then We Met For the First Time. I Knew He Would Change My Life

My boyfriend and I are both in our mid to late 30's and I am not ashamed to admit that we met on a dating service. It was 12-29-08 around 8:30p. We and I am not into photos of possible boyfriends, because the picture that they send is sometimes a picture from 10 years ago. Then you both meet and both are peeved (women do it too). Anyway we saw each other and we were both happy with what we were looking at. I didn't know that his shift was a few hours away,but he called the lieutenant and we spent the night together. We realized we had so many things in common and he could make me laugh. I mean when you are no longer in each others presence and you still find the things he said funny. Time goes by and he believes in chivalry. The first present he ever got me was a beautiful perfume bottle, because he knew that I love to smell good. And even though he and I argue like any other couple he still cooks breakfast for me and brings it to me in the bed. If I need to take my medicine and I attempt to get up to get water,he insists on taking care of it and me. Not every comedian or sitcom or joke makes me laugh. But when he knows I am having a hard day or just being in a bad mood he will listen but not for the length thata female would. He starts to make me laugh and we all know that is the best medicine.he is no where near perfect(neither am I ) but he brings me true joy. Sometimes I try to give him the 'silent treatment' but usually within a few minutes or a few hours,depending on what he has said or done. We are back to 'US' as if nothing had happened. Even though I was married before and engaged, he is by far the best boyfriend for me.that doesn't mean that he may take things too far and I have to put let him know that I am worthy and he MUST treat me as such. But I wouldn't change him,even if I had powers to do so
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Very nice!

This is beautiful.

I'm so happy for you Sasha!! This kind of loving connection with another person is so life affirming. May you always feel about each other as you do now!!

This is so sweet! I wish you all the best of luck!

That is great.<br />
I meet mine on the internet and we talk for 4 years and now it is going about 2years now i lost track.<br />
But we have are moments .<br />
But some time I leave and then I come back.<br />
I can not find in one better.<br />
<br />
Good lucky.<br />
<br />