I Met Him On Saturday

I met the most amazing person on saturday night. i was out with my cousin and we met up with some of her friends. i was talking to this guy for a couple of mins and then really needed to sit down (my shoes were hurting my feet) so he said come sit on my lap. we were just chatting and then we all got up to dance. when the pub closed we went home. my cousin then got a message asking for my number from two guys and one of them was him...he called me last night and we are so similar! it was a little weird...we were finishing sentances for each other and we had only spoken once before. it's uncanny how alike we are!

i think i have a good friend in him. we spoke to 2.5hrs last night- the longest phone call i've had in ages! i really enjoyed talking to him...

but he lives 6 hours away from me...but i'lm just going to see what happens...

commodore720 commodore720
18-21, F
May 28, 2007