This Is Hilarious!

I cannot stand when people do not practice good hygiene.  Well,  I have a second cousin who has false teeth, so she doesn't clean her mouth out, just those teeth.  One time we went to a funeral-viewing thing.  Her breath was horrible.

It was so bad I almost threw up in the car.  But at this funeral, it was crowded, and she was in people's faces talking to them and I would watch their facial expressions.  It was so damn funny because they would make these awful faces intially and then try to play it off, but they would see me smirk and they would too because we both knew we were thinking about how bad my cousin's breath was lol!

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

I used to have severe bad breath, and believe me it wasn't caused by poor oral hygiene. Not all bad breath is caused by this. Instead of smirking at your cousin, perhaps you should sit down with her and tell her that she has a problem with her breath and should have it checked out further. Maybe she has an underlying condition that could be more serious. <br />
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Anyway, point is, it's better you speak with her directly about the issue instead of posting about it making fun of her and assuming you know the reason why she has bad breath to begin with.