I Have Met Him Three Times

First thru a "guy" who shouldnt call him self a guy he should call him self a monster named Travis at age 12 he raped me then thru my ex bf george he raped me at age 15 then we broke up and i went on a date and the devil visited me twice in one night on that date ....i got rapedĀ  twice
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lol all girls end up with someone who is like their dad suposedly...i hate my dad yet my bfs like him

Gotcha. I know all about wolves in sheeps clothing. <br />
<br />
Really I was just trying to suggest that some ppl end up in relationships that turn out the same because they are unconsciously picking the same kind of guys. Case in point I can't stop dating guys who are like my dad even though their are things about my dad I don't like. I'm talking key personality traits and I can't seem to help myself.

I have been in a relationship with a wonderful guy for over six months thankyou very much. I didnt pick nessisarily its jsut how it happened and ppl will act one way and then when time is right show their true colors, like a mouse trap....my head would have been cut off a few times

Honey I'm not trying to be a butt when I say this but you gotta pick better. You need to look back and try to spot the common denomintors on all these ****** and figure out whats attracting you to them. I'm not saying its your fault by any means just that its like the woman who comes out of an abusive relationship only to get into another one.