Ddd Devil Drugs & Dreams Again

When Doing drugs you acquire an out of body experience. When you see things from not within you actual body but in fact from your spiritual body. The more you use, the further it distances you from your body. The devil uses this til your far from your body and can send his workers to Possess your actual body, leaving your spiritual body stranded so that he can obtain it for himself. I have gone through this experience myself and it took many years of using til saw the actual effects. Not only have I experienced it but I researched it and in fact it has happened to many people and also a very close friend of mine. His was so bad he had to get an exorcism something he advises me to do for my demon problem (see previous story) How ever I fear that could empower it more so I hesitate. 

This story is also to continue my last story. Now that I don't stay in a stable housing environment my dreams have disappeared and formed them selves into more useful but none the less terrifying dreams. I have a high sense for bad things going on around me and my loved ones. And Have in fact dreamed on numerous occasions dangerous events in the future. I would dream something around 2 to 3 months before the situation actually occurs. My dreams are limited, I can only see the people i know and If I don't know you yet then your face is a blur til that exact moment occurs and I remember everything that's going to happen. I once dreamed about my friends life in danger and attempted to save her by telling her not to do crucial thing that would make the event happen. She questioned me for sometime til I broke and told her. She didn't believe me and I begged for her to trust me. And as for my proof I told her something that would happen that would not be affected by her changed actions. Once everything had been sorted she believed. DD
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I believe this story very much so people in life will always criticise but your a much stronger person today because of what you have been threw . Best of luck in the future .