He's Really A Great Guy!!!

i had just gotten out of a relationship and i haven't been in one for several years. i came across this site through someone i met on a previous site and i decieded to join not for dating reasons but to share some stories of the experiences ive endured in my life. and thats when i met him he's very much older than me and at first i was a little wary because i didnt know anything about him. we we're supposed to meet in dec of 2011 but fear got the best of me and so that was that and i had deleted my page for personal reason. the next year i returned to ep, i missed reading many interesting experiences that maybe ive encountered at one point in time and it wasnt long until i ran ito him again we decied to meet so we got to know a little bit about each other via yahoo,phone calls and text. until in late june early july we finally got to meet each other we were both very nervous but it didnt take long before we were comfortable around each other and he's coming to see me thw week after next and that will make our fourth time seeing each so we,ve been knowing each other for six months and i hope we'll continue on seeing each other. he is one of the good things to come into my life. call me crazy call me a fool but i dont care. if you were in my shoes you'll feel the same way too. !!!
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Jan 10, 2013