I Never Even Thought It Would Be Possible

SOOOOOO i had a boyfriend, we were together for 4 years, i thought we were gonna get married, be together forever etc.
about 2 years ago i was in college....and i met this guy one night while i was working....i was a cashier...and for the first time in my life i was struck SPEECHLESS! he was GORGEOUS and had the sweetest face...i dont even remember what we talked about now...but a month later i started my first year in college...and...HE was there, and he remembered me :)
we started talking once in a while and he asked me out a few times but i always turned him down cuz i had a boyfriend and i wasnt gonna give up on a "good thing" just for a chance with a college cutie.
we always kept in touch though, just casual chit chat about our lives on facebook :P
WELL....just this may...me and my bf at the time broke up...and got back together...(he told me he wanted to marry me, that he was sorry blah blah blah) and i believed it...a week later he decided he "dosent want me" again, so i go back to my parents broken hearted...just to find out from his friends that he had pretty much been cheating on my through our whole relationship...and that he was with some younger skanky bimbo now-even when i confronted him he denied everything-****** looser!! ANYWAY....i was single....and that boy i met in college started texting me....THEN he called me....and we went on our very first date :) one thing lead to another...and hes been my boyfriend for a month now lol :D i NEVER thought id ever have a chance to be wth him, i did really like him back then and i thought about him quite often and even though i would have LOVED to go out with him when he asked me back then i just couldnt have been that kind of person, sneaking around my bf's back :P
hes such a sweet person and i never knew how much he liked me, i mean we were in college together 2 years ago....and here he is...he still wanted me  even when i had turned him down so many times before...and i am SO happy that he did, and as weird as this sounds im glad i was cheated on...i was in a dead end relationship that i stuck around in because it was SAFE...and COMFORTABLE...even thouhg i wasnt happy, even though i hadnt fully trusted him in a while, even though he was a ******* lame *** pot head whos feelings for me wernt real anymore...i stayed cuz it was comfortable...him cheating on me and breaking up ith me turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, because it led me to my sweetheart now.... :) i have never felt SO in love and so LOVED back in my life....he treats me so good, hes not like anyone ive ever met.
i finally found someone who wants the same things i do...maybe this time around i will get my happily ever after <3
(i know its soon to say that but if you were me, if you had been in my shoes, living my life with this man....then maybe you would think so too) ;)
change is a wonderful thing, embrace it <3
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for the reccord that was 3 years ago, we are getting married October 5th, 2013 :D to this day i couldnt be happier with how everything worked out <3