I've Met Him.

I don't have too much standards.

First of all, I wanted a guy who is a Christian. A person I could bring to church all the time. A person of faith and quality. A person who knows God.

My other standards just includes being in the same Race as me, and being taller. Well, that seems shallow... But he met ALL of them anyway.

Here I go, thinking about this guy all week. Little by little realizing that he is the embodiment of my perfect guy.

My heart skips a beat whenever I contemplate about it.

I really don't want to miss this opportunity.

I always go for something that I want.

But what could I do? What could a socially awkward, mediocre girl like me do to make the most perfect person like me back?

I don't know. I'll just pray for him.

Deep inside I hope his praying for me too.
Enggirl Enggirl
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012