Meth Ends Are Married

On February 19th 20011 right round dinner and bed Time and bath time i come out to get something for are daughter and seen my husband on his friends bed smoking meth and i ask hime what the hale are u doing. and he looked up and said what i am not doing any thing and his friend said come down it is not what u think it is and i said whatever and ask for it he said no i don't have any thing and not to machine his friends kid was in the bedroom and ares come running in to the bedroom to see what was all the yelling was bout and i yell at hime said was offer with us and ask for device and he said grate this all i need and i ask for the kids because the kids and i were going home with out hime but he whould not late us because we don't. have gas to get all the way home so hade to go get gase i whould not talk of look at him the hole way home and i telled hime cell his friend to come get him i don' t want him there.and now wants me back i tell him no and to stop texting and come here with out me saying okay to come over now he as friends texting me to come back to and i even tell them no to.i just want move on with kids..
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Dec 8, 2012