First Success

After much talk and joining a club, my wife and I wanted a MFM get together. We had never done anything like that but I talked to her about it and after making her understand I did not want other women or a man, she got really hot over the idea. I had very good reasons for wanting this to happen and none had anything to do with sex. Other story someday maybe. I had said in the ad nice equipment would be good. So after much talking and looking at pics we tried one. This first one was a deal killer. He could not keep it up and wanted bareback . He said protection was too tight because he did not bring his. Long story short version she gave him blow job just to get rid of him.  He kept saying "You're going to swallow right?".  She always does as she likes the feeling, taste and all the things women that are good at it do it for. She was really upset and I could see the whole thing coming apart. We went home and after much holding loving kissing and oral that we always do she was hot and ready for another attempt. I had another name and I called him. Didn't want to wait to long, as it is like getting bucked off a horse, get back on before you get afraid. We were to meet in a bar about an hour and half away. We were late getting on road so we called and told him that we were going to be late and asked him what he wanted to do? He asked if we minded coming to his place.  My wife did all the talking and finally said we would. We talked for long time had a few glasses of wine, which always helps her, and then I asked her if she wanted to go on, she grinned and said "Yes". I walked over and helped her stand up and started hugging and kissing her. He just watch as I started to undress her and opened her dress and started sucking her hard nipples as I was undressing my self. As I kneeled down I slid her panties off and started in licking her ***** at the same time motioned for him to come over. By then he was nude and is ***** was ready. I had him hold her close from behind and I spread her legs out so we could have some room. He hugged her real tight and I spread her lips out so he could slid it back and forth as her juices coated his ****,  which she just loves. We did that until she came as I bent her to me and guided his **** into her. He asked if we would we like to go lay down and the way she was trembling I said we better or I would have to carry her. She laid between us gripping and stroking until she got control again. I then ask him to be my guest and he started licking her, she was really starting to moan and I told him he better get started  because she was about ready to *** again. He picked her legs up on his shoulders and started to do a really nice job on her. It wasn't long and she came again. Then he had her get on her knees and started in again, and he asked me,  "don't you want to get up here and try some of tha?".    I told him to help himself and I crawled under her and started in on her ****. She was sucking me and he started ******* that made her *** and as it ran out of her I could not stop. This went on for and other two hours and when he gave out.  We thanked him and made our way home. There is much more to this. But we have never look i ed back. Love that hot house wife.
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I'd love to see you undress her and give her my **** to play with

Very nice!

A sensual and erotic story......

Well said!

thanks 4 share<br />
made a mess in my pants

You guys sound great!

Wonderful adventure! I really love a good MFM...

I like your "variation", except...why leave? I've always fantasized about being 'watched'. ms hiiamere

Cool story,glad it worked out for you atlast

would love to have you wish you were closer she has and I quote, the tightest juicest ***** he had ever had is **** in

I've had the pleasure of hearing about how both my girlfriend and wife called "tight" by the guy ******* her. That's so hot to hear, and it's nice to know her ***** is appreciated.

thank you for looking,when she reads peoples comments it really makes her hot and i get all the goody love that hot hot house wife

yes one the things that all ways happen after we do something like that is the play all the way home.and she usually **** just as we pull up to the the ranch. We leave a trail of things all the way to our liberator and give it acouple of hours hard work. the guest all ways goes first. when he is done it is my turn unless we take turns but she really likes 2 at once.