Mfm With The Wife

The idea of a mfm ********* with my wife so sexy i am nuts over it! I talked about it to her and she is down with it and she also said she was bi!!! Thats new ha ha ha but now she is getting second thoughts about and going back and forth about how hot it would be, and the she starts to think that it will make her a ****..?? I told her it wont be for a while, that i would like to strengthen or relationship more.... What do you all think i should do and not do? She also said she would like to prob try a fmf first. so what can i do and say to make this happen and make her feel more comfy about this. please help i am 24 and she is 20 and we are both hot lol
markychaz markychaz
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Im down to help yall out then u can **** my wife with me.