Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks

I MADE A BET WITH SOMEONE ON EP IF MIAMI BEAT THE KNICKS I WOULD WRITE A STORY ,FIRST i knew Miami was the stronger team the Knicks are still finding their way i feel they are acouple years off at least they have talented players but for the longest time did not play team ball to much one on one their defense was not good most of the year ,now MIAMI HAS 3 GREAT PlayerS IN james , bosh, and wade but i still feel the Knicks could have played a better series i was disappointed in their play period Miami beat them fair and square but i think MIAMI will not win it all again this year after the big 3 they are lacking a deep bench i feel a lot of teams out there can knock them off i feel BOSTON even though they are getting older could knock them off i feel if CHICAGO did not lose their star player could of knocked them off there are many teams out west i feel can beat them i dislike MIAMI very much JAMES DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS TO COME TO NEWYORK the mecca of basketball why IN ANY EVENT I GIVE miami credit for beating the KNICKS how far will they go i really don,t know but i still don,t think they will win it all. vinny
mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
46-50, M
May 10, 2012