I Hate Dr Loomis!!!!!!!!!!

he is completely incompetent and should just leave michael the hell alone! michael didnt try to stop loomis being a psychiatrist so why interfere with michael and his work.

 i love the overture i listen to it sometimes at work to cheer myself up.

i like the remake i know you guys dont but hey we cant all be the same. the remake gives us more insight into michael and that is why i like it.

i got into halloween probably about ten or more yrs ago, it was a while before H20 came out, i remember watching then all in a row(on VHS!) one weekend with my best pal, and when the 3rd one began we thought we had put in the wrong tape by mistake!

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I don't like the remake as much as the original. I had the same thought when I watched the 3rd one as well

gorgorthox i completley agree!! the remake was like halloween, but more. bettter for us inquisitive types who want to know more about the elusive mr myers.<br />
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i love mrs zombie! i think she is a great actress! i loved her in house of 1000 corpses too.

i really enjoyed the remake. i like zombie though. his ideas are interesting and expanded on what we already knew to be the origin of michael.