Im A Loser

i cant even keep friends here

frostbittensoul frostbittensoul
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You are believing lies told to you by someone else. Be strong get some courage and help someone or look after some animals. You are here for a reason-don't forget it

I hate that you feel that way about yourself. Nobody was created a loser. It is a learned response. To have friends you have to be one first. Find people who care and make the effort to stay in touch with them.....It would make God sad to know that His creation thinks of himself as a loser. <br />
Jesus loves you. And He is literally the best thing in Human experience. I find God "gets" me warts and all...and He "gets" you as well. Find yourself goals and experiences which are going to be meaningful to you and move towards them. Don't waste yourself on depression. Control the thoughts that go on inside your head. Get acquainted with your Creator...He is waiting for you. And He has all the time for you in the world.

Frostbitten,<br />
<br />
I feel for you my friend, I’m sorry that you are hurting that much. I hope that the hurt eases soon. In my opinion, there are few ‘real’ friends to be found anywhere most especially on any web forums, EP included. It’s easy to log on and talk to people. It’s easy for you and easy for them and there’s the rub, if writing more than a brief paragraph is required to help a supposed friend people are not interested because then it’s no longer easy. <br />
<br />
Not that people are bad or uncaring, you can see that CrazyPeas had kind words for you, it’s just that you can’t form real friendships one brief paragraph at a time. <br />
<br />
I have found that it’s easy for most people to be friendly, why not, nothing is at stake, no skin off their back. Now when any sacrifice or effort is required, that’s a different story. <br />
Again, I feel for you bro, hope you feel better soon.

thinks are ok,i guess it goes to show how bad things can get out of hand when u dont know whats going on and thinking the worst has happen

you have friends they may not be able to talk to you everday but you have friends here.i hope you sorted it all out and are feeling better today.

There are more of us in your boat than you realise sweet.. try jumping aboard, rather than paddling in the water alone..

You have me

thanks to those that made comments,the rest of u why didnt u say something,was it that hard to say something that would make me feel better about myself.i was really feeling depressed almost ready to end it,and yet u said nothing

i thought i did something to someone that i care about,i thought that person didnt want to talk to me again,because if i lost that person,well i cant, i have so little in my life as it isi find it very hard to make friends with people,im just tired of hurting all the time,i want it to stop even if i have to kill myself to do it,but i am still here praying to God for help

I am sure you can, if you believe in yourself of course ;)