If you belong to a religion that dictates the conditions under which other people will go to hell, you might be a conservative
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

You're correct.  Then again you might just be a decent human being.  You might want to take into account the fact that the belief in taking care of your fellow man, which you appear to hold so dearly to, to the point of insisting that we take care of not only those who cannot take care of themselves, but those who can, but choose not to as well, is Christian in its founding.

I know that! Again I ask.....who do you know of that is being taken care of that doesn't need it? Also, if we are a "Christian Society" why shouldn't we, as a society, take care of our fellows who are disadvantaged (loaded word, I know)?

Ok there are tons of them, most in urban areas, but they are out there. Naming names would be pointless. As for why shouldn't we take care of the disadvantaged? We SHOULD. The problem is there's a point when some people make a choice to be permanently disadvantaged in the eyes of the law simply to perpetuate the free ride.