Im Not Sure But I Think I Might Be!!!

My problem is that i think i might be a lesbian because i cant stop thinking and fantasizing about woman at first i thought this might just be a phase but iv been thinkin like this for about 8 years ever since i started high school and got my first crush on my female p.e. teacher...she was beautiful and always paid special attention to me because im a was and still am a bit of a joker and i was disgusted and confused with my feelings..iv been feelin like this for so long that it just feels normal to me to ignore this part of myself!! But im coming to the stage where im finding it harder to hide my desire for women..i have been in relationships with men before but i have never been sexually attracted to a man they i have been to women..this is crazy bt iv never even kissed a girl before..i dont know what to do..i cant come out to my family because they will never ever accept me for who i am..or the person i think i am..can anybody out there give me some advice?? i cant even talk to my friends about this because i cant admit to them or myself that i like girls...i jst want to be normal and  happy..i dnt even know how to meet girls or how to know if a girl likes me..i dnt want to have to spend my life hiding this part of myself..but at the moment i dont think i have an option..thanks for reading this..
dudz1 dudz1
Jul 26, 2010