I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not.. Or Am I?

The thing is, I love women! I sometimes find myself staring at a woman, wondering how well she kisses.
There have been some women in my life I was crazy about..
I bet by now you are thinking: she's afraid of what society might think..
Well you're wrong! People already think I am a lesbian! I openly express my admiration for women..

I just can't find myself attracted to actually having sex with a woman..

The only explanation I have for this mess is that I'm either an asexual lesbian (which sounds really messed up), or I am not a lesbian.. I've convinced myself that the second explanation is right. But then, why do I like women so much? Why do I want to make her love me like the way I love her? Why do I want to cuddle with her? Why do I want to tell people how much I care for her?
lbhdim lbhdim
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heres a semi funny story. when my girlfriend of 5 and a half years was with her first girlfriend, she came to me freaking out because she just couldn't have sex with her. she thought it was the most disgusting thing that ever crossed her mind. she never ended up doing it. then when we got together it took her a pretty long time to come anywhere near me sexually. 5 years later...she honestly, excuse my language, gives better head than i could ever dream of giving. and she loves showing off her talent. its almost annoying. however, my point is, if you really grow either love or a need to please someone in anyway you possibly can, that thought of it being weird goes away most of the time. maybe you just need to find your comfort zone with her and truly want to do anything to make her happy. idk thats just my story and opinion. =]

Hi Ibhdim,<br />
If indeed you do happen to be an asexual lesbian, it's not 'messed up' it's just 'you.'<br />
We all come in so many flavours - there is no-one better flavour than the other, just different. <br />
Who ever you want to be and however you identify yourself is fine and right for you if it's who you feel you are. <br />
Take care.

OMG, I just posted the same thing!!<br />
Quite a puzzle having romantic feelings for women but not to be sexually turned on by one... maybe we should date an hermaphrodite :D (no offenses)

your an asexual lesbian

maybe you're curious.. why don't u experiment or something that would help u to know what u really are