I Think I Am A Lesbian

Ok here goes i think i might be a lesbian, as far back as I can remember I have always found women super attractive but i am to scared to act on it, for alot of reasons, im a mother of a young child, i have had a rough childhood, I have always had a hard time with people just thinking i was gay maybe because I have a homophobic family partial to my childhood.
I really need some advice on what to do to figure out my sexuality and some advice on being a young single parent dealing with these issues. Please help!!!
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I'm a bi male ...........you may be surprised at your family....I was, before my mother passed away, I wanted to tell her that I as bi. To my surprise she told me she already knew it, I asked her did she know. She told me, mothers know everything, weather you may knew it, your children are the same way, they watch you, see how you act around your friends, weather they are trying to make passes at you. Childen learn a lot in school now days. I was 12 with my first bi experence, things when from there......not often.....but it happened. If this up sets you just delte it, just thought I would share with the way things when with me.....by the way, I am married, have been two times and both wifes knew of this. My secound wife is ok with it. Shehasn't had thje experence of the same......if she did I would give her all the surport she needs. Good luck, which ever way you go.

Hi tiny200862, i wouldnt delete the post i find it kind of ironic because a few weeks ago i was talking to my mother about how i think my little brother might be gay and i wanted to at least tell her i though i was atleast bi but right before i was going to say something she said, we all though you were going to be gay but you turned out ok. I was kinda disappointed in myself that i didnt tell her i though i was at least bi. lol weird convo but if my little brother is gay i dont think he would have a problem comming out like i am.

i think people become to obsessed with a label. lesbian seems like such a scary word to "straight" people. how about human? i like that word better lol. just go with the flow. you don't have to put a label on it. especially if you're not sure. and don't worry about your child. children's love for their mothers are so unconditional I'm sure he/she wouldn't worry about it

ohhh!! hmmmm... you know you could find urself a new bestie, and u neednt telll ur family and daughter everything. for now jus keep it to urself and the person u interact with. you know life will take you wer it wants and for the best, its given u these feelings cuz something really lovely is goin to turn out soon.<br />
and about accepting it, well the fact that you have realized these felings, is half battle won. why are you stopping yourself?? just be you. its not worth getting worried. specially about the things you feel a lot about.NIKE JUST DO IT. lol but seriously. chill!! its completely normal. i know that every lady feels similar love and stuff about other women but some of them accept it and move on and the others repress it. so its actually completely ur decision. and whatever you decide will always work for your best in the long run.

Thanks again for the advice every little bit helps

well m not married and as u say even i have found women very attractive but my society doesnt permit such relationships.in india if any1 would know they will treat you like an untouchable. i had a best friend and had spoken about these feelings towards women to her, to my surprise after some years she felt the same bout women and we got experimental, and holy mother of god , its the most beautiful experience one will ever have. i havent been able to forget that since then . she has left to australia now and resides there, i really miss her. u know not even my boyfriend has been able to give me such butterflies in my tummy since then.<br />
the irony is , wen you try finding people online usually there are men on the other side n very few are very genuine.<br />
so i would suggest you to speak to ur girl bestie and take her advice. btw wer r u from??<br />
and if you have a young daughter, they are very supportive as long as u dont embarrass her.

I am from the United States.I really dont have a bestie to talk to due to and issue with an ex but i think im scared to accept it due to having suck homopobic family members and as far as my daughter is concerned i just dont want to disappoint her. I try to raise my daughter to accept people. Shes not at the age to explain what being gay is yet.