So Theres This Girl....

since the first time i saw her three years ago, ive been in love.
were kinda ish aquaintences, but we dont ever talk or anything. But i really wish we did. i know shes gay but i just cant make myself say anything. Whenever i see her she somehow has become more perfect. i see her around school all the time with her friends, and i wish i was one of them so i could just be near her if nothing else. I love the way she smiles, how she walks, her laugh, her voice, her personality, i even like how she doesnt brush her hair.
i would never expect anything to happen between us, but i wish i could talk to her if nothing else.
Chagrins Chagrins
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Why don't the 2 of you just make small talk, if i want to get to know someone i walk into them say sorry and start a conversation.. or i take something of theirs and walk upto them after class and say you left this and start a convo.. then you become friends and speak everyday also i trip them when they walk past and apoligiz....<br />
<br />
If you want something girls, you gotta go for it! :)

I understand your feeling. I can TOTALLY relate to you. I fell for a girl the first year I entered an all girl's school. And it's been like, 4 years but I still have feelings for her. I want to be near her too. To be able to listen to her jokes and to talk to her. But unfortunately she has her friends and I have mine. There's no way I can talk to her...