my family would kill me for this... i have never been with a girl... i don't want to be with a girl... in general i do not like girls like that... but there are some girls... mostly dark haired curvy tomboy like girls that i have found that i have crushed on... in fact... i almost went out with one who lived on the other side of town... but she kept going on and on about how cute my bro was. so i thought she had a thing for him. so i backed off... turns out she didn't though. so idk why she said all that... or why she goes out with boys when she isn't interested in them... maybe she plays them for $. i know a blond who does that... i would never go out with anyone for any reason but to be with them... but then i'm spoiled like that... i never had to worry about $. i dislike money... but i am like getting off the point of this story... certain girls turn me on... but then... i am in love with myself so... it's to be expected... i guess that explains everything... should i remove myself from this group or not? the thought of being with a girl repulses me... ugh... i only want a man thank you... ok i guess that solves that.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

If being with a girl appalls you, then I guess that proves you're not a lesbian. :)

Good for you! Cheers! :)