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However, Whatever, And Sex.. A Lot Of It, Maybe.

I have been bi, for four years now, but have never told my family. But I have never truely been with a woman, and I fantasize about it every chance I get. Some days I wished I was a lesbian slave to a lesbian master and just run away to them, but I know its not happening. Though I dated one girl, and she was everything to me, but I felt as if she was cheating on me, and it was true, it broke me to a million pieces. I just stayed single wondering what have i done in my life that made me feel so... Lesbian? I have never questioned myself until this year. We even had foreplays before, where we just played with each other breast and ***** but never sex. And I am on this screen right now watching lesbian ****, after reading a few stories this overwhelming emotion is just growing and growing and I want to shout out that I am lesbia, but is it true? I am too scared to say it because od my christian parents and my church... What if I am not "normal". Well... On top of that... I finally met a man that makes me happy yet, I feel so incomplete still. It feels so much confusion is such short time. I wish there was an answer, I wish I could finally be witha woman who can make me happy, I wished, I wished...
But, it won't happen no matter how much I try... Because I am a coward.
What am I suppose to do?
Nijiko Nijiko 18-21 2 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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I used to feel the same way, but dad is a pastor and I grew up thinking that it was disgusting and wrong. But eventually I developed my own beliefs and now I accept who I am and I'm not ashamed. After my first experience with a girl, I know there is no going back now

well i think you should leave the man there because it wont make sense having him there and somehow u are still unhappy in a should then go out there n just met new people, go out with a girl, if she doesnt seem interested try...there are girls out there that feel the same way i'm sure...people/christians will always be against it because its in the bible and well you know the rest..but its your choice. No one isnt living your life. i guess what they can hope for is you being happy at the end of the day...

Thanks... And I shall try. But, what scares me is that he could be the one...

hun thats what we may think sometimes....but it doesnt hurt trying something else..i feel thats what most ppl are afraid of moving on and going over the trying to learn how a person is and what not...look at things differently do u want to be feeling incomplete all the time...think my dear with out feelings

I dont understand, i am sorry...

its ok took me years to understand...just do what you want that makes you happy...becuz u dont want to be unhappy

Yes, i understand that part...
But a lot makes me happy

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