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I have always felt a little different and i have never chased after boys like my friends did. In high school one of my friends came out and it just stirred up old feelings that i had tried hard to burry.I push those feelings aside again thinking no,i cant be. i went off to college and started falling into the same patterns dating guys but i was never obsessed or so in love like my other friends. Lately as graduation approaches i'm starting to think more about who i am and that brought up these feelings that have always been there. so lately i've started thinking more about girls and potential relationships, but i won't act on them. what confuses me the most is that i am attracted to guys, but the emotional attachment is always missing and i'm starting to think i know why. On the other hand i have never been with a girl so maybe i could just be curious? All i know is i have all these questions and feelings, and don't know what to do about them. i want to fall in love and be happy i just don't know how. maybe its time to step outside my comfort zone.
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I feel similar I think. I think guys are hot, like Taylor laughtner and stuff, but im never chasing after guys or waiting for them. Every time I think about kissing a guy, it just seems wrong. When I did kiss a guy, it was so strange, there were no feelings and it didn't feel romantic or anything. However, I'm not exactly sure what checking someone out is. I'm only thirteen and so all this new. So all of the websites that ask me if I've ever checked out a girl, I'm not sure what to say. When we play truth or dare, I always oppose to just girls to guys, but tv might be getting me or I might just be curious. I'm really confused. I love to dress up and feel pretty, but I hate it when guys act like girls are incapable of doing anything. I like to be the one to help people and fix things and kick guys ***** at sports. I love to use saws and machinery and I've always wanted to build my own car. I was always jealous of Boy Scouts, because they got to go camping and backpacking and have big knives and Girl Scouts just sewed things and cooked. I love the amazon women (wonder woman's country) because they are so strong and independent and like me, they can do anything a man can do, and they don't need men in their lives to be happy. I really could use advice. I would love to hear what people have to say and if anyone has some words of wisdom for me. Thank you all!

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