I'm a 19 year old woman. When i was 14, i had a pet sister. Shes a year older than me. So for past few years when we were so close together, we shared our stories together. She did an excellent job on taking care of me. When i was younger, i get hospitalized alot...and i hate hospitals. One day i got warded due to difficulty of breathing, flu, & low white blood cells. My pet sister was very caring. Shes from a wealthy family. I got warded when she was away to paris. So she used her father's phone to call me all the way across the country. She even bought me a lot of souvenirs., expensive shirts, etc. at nights, we talked for hours..till we fall asleep. Everyday we spent our time texting each other. One day, she got a boyfriend. A school prefect. I dont know why i had that such envy feelings. I got mad at her. & later she dumped me..and left me hanging without any words. Just like that. Now, years later, i still miss her. I'm currently in a relationship with a guy, but my feelings are alot different from the ones i had with her. I honestly miss her deeply. She was my first love (i supposed). She was a very romantic kind of woman. When we were watching movies at cinema, she held my hand and rub her thumb against mine. Sigh... Even thinking about it makes me feel so down. Now at the age of 19, i'm confused with my own sexuality.. I tend to like girls more than boys. Bisexual perhaps? But whenever i see pretty girls, my "gaydar" tells me they are bisex too.. So it makes me feel a lil thingly. This is weird. I dont want to be bisexual. I want to be normal. Shes the one who made me feel like this. :(
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she's great for making you feel that way. try kissing a girl you might prefer it. it's normal

There is no such thing as normal, dear.

We're all normal in our own way