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For years I have been attracted to women but I never thought anything of it and I pushed it out of my head until recently. I started dating my best friend and quite honestly it's the best thing or decision I have ever made. I couldn't decide whether society was telling me I couldn't be bisexual or if I really was and now I kinda am unsure about the whole thing. I mean don't get me wrong I love my gf but it would be nice to be definate about my sexuality... Any advice?

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3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

i have always been attracted to guys, but the only person i've ever dated is a girl, someone who was my best friend for a long time. so you're not alone in the situation.<br />
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maybe trying so hard to define sexuality isn't a good idea, though i have the same problem. i guess we just fall in love with whoever we fall in love with.

Im kinda going through the same issue. I have had a gf now for 10 months and i love her, but ive always considered myself bisexual but now im not too sure. I have lost most of my attractions to males.

I've always felt the same way. I didn't know if I was straight and just open to female sexuality but couldn't have a real relationship with them, or really a lesbian but didn't know because I hadn't met the right girl, or just bi. <br />
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But I think the real answer is that not only is it common to be almost lesbian/straight/bi, but not completely and kind of lean to one side, but it also changes at different times in your life.<br />
I personally have decided that I'm basically 70-80% lesbian. So I'm bi, but I really lean towards women. And sometimes I feel like it changes. So if you're with someone you love, that's the thing that matters. And sure it's nice to put a label on something so you can feel secure about it. If you really have feelings like you could be with a man and not just a woman- sure! you can be bisexual! nothing wrong with that. It's all about your feelings and you get to decide what to label them with.<br />
Hope that helps you a little :3