Why Am I Afraid?

I have been dating my best friend for a while and i love her with all my heart. she is the only girl i have ever dated and  I am just now starting to tell people when they ask and im having a really hard time with it. I dont know why im so afraid of people judging me but thats all i can think about. I am sick of people telling me its wrong because i dont see how loving her is wrong. i see other couples and wonder how they can be so open about it and seem so unafraid. i want us to be able to be like that. I wanna hold her hand in public and not worry about what other people are thinking. Is that so wrong?

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5 Responses Oct 4, 2009

I'm at a stage just before where you are now and I'm afraid to tell people. Some of my friends are pretty homophobic which makes it really hard. I understand you, and wish it could be easier too.

If you need someone to talk to I'm a good listener

I am in a similar predicament. I have been with my first girlfriend for almost 3 years now at 30 years old. It is the perfect relationship except for the fact that none of my family can acknowledge this change in my life. I have been treated so poorly and so many horrible things have been said to me over the course of time. As bad as I know it is to do, I have become extremely fearful to be in this type of relationship and share it in the future with those around me. I have been denied a job because of my relationship, shunned by family, and have lost confidence in talking about it. I also fear that because we look so different (complete opposites) that I will be judged. I feel as if I have lost the freedom in my life. I fear our future---being shunned, etc. I would love to overcome these feelings and hope that I will be strong enough in the future to remain. Good luck to you! You are not alone in your fears.

Is she ready for that, too? Have you announced it to your family, first? That made it a lot easier for my two friends. They had the support of their family an close friends before they made their relationship public.

you need to be proud of the relationship you are in. find a way to embrace her and love her in front of anyone and get to a point where you dont care what other people think becasue the love you two share as friends and as a "couple" is more important and stronger than any judgement or hate any stranger could send your way. good luck on your journey ~~peace