This Is The Boston Tea Party?

Somehow, this isn't how I was taught it was in history! Damn my liberal education!!
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So glad I have the benefits of living in the US without the continental idiocy ...

I'm from Boston, and believe me, this is not Boston! I'd like to throw these guys a real Boston Tea Party - with them as the tea! These people are crazy and dangerous!

These people are the fringe of a fringe movement... That's seriously hardcore ...and I do agree this is dangerous.

These are the types of people who voted against President Obama. Wow, they are a scary sort ain't they? lol

Home now and...Yeah, I was a kid when Reagan was in office, and I know he reduced the nuclear stockpile...

Tea party smee party.. I want to know how long I will have to wait before someone finally occupies my *******!?!?

What is it you repubbicants are always spouting "Nothing like self reliance" ...

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Coppy will need to pay "fart support"

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This is another example where extremists took over or are the only ones that are displayed. The basic principals, before extremists took over, were very positive. When the tea party was new, I actually took part in some rallies and they were nothing like this. It was more about restoring our rights guaranteed by the constitution. The organization strayed from it's original values, to extremism.

By the way, I thought that you didn't put much merit into YouTube videos? Or is it selective? Personally, the last Tea Party riot did end up being like this which is why I decided never to attend another one. So, I can say it is true.

Your outta control ... I'm having a laugh ... You should calm down ... Look around, read the title of the group, the title of the story, the title of the video...then watch the video, now do you still want to accuse me of taking YouTube seriously ?

*puts self in time out*

Maybe we can get a petition started so the government will create a hurricane to clean up all the extremists...(wink)

Good idea :D

*hands terra spiked tea* it's okay we have fallen down the rabbit hole...might as well have fun while we are here :)

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.<-----thinks this would be a fun party to crash

I bet the tea is spiked!

. annnnnd we can dress up!!

.Lovin itttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!

The tea is not yet spiked...I don't know any dealers who can get me LSD. Where's Leetal Devil when you need him?

.we must find himmmmmmmmmm!

The idea of Tea Partiers on a strong dose of acid...screaming, getting paranoid, taking their clothing off...watching each other melt...

Wait wut ? Isn't that what I just watched on the video ?

My work admin disabled Youtube, the bastid...
The screaming and getting paranoid they already do, I just think hallucinogens have the power to take it to the next level of lunacy...


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. sooooooooo cute! You totally know my taste. ohhhh we need new avis!

Tea party outfits?

Or tea partiers

. you choose! surprise me =)

. keep getting linked to the shoes! whyyyyyyyyyyy

because EP is orcaist.


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I humored you by getting about half way through. You have a knack for finding videos of people in movements that you don't agree with looking like idiots. They do it to themselves and that is the funniest part, but this sort of thing can be done at any rally or protest supporting anything. You know that right? It is not that tea party folks are idiots, it is that people in general are idiots.

My momma did what?