A Small Bag of Weed

Recentally, I have been charged with possession of Marijuana on school campus. My intent was to return it to who delt it to me because I didnt want it anymore since i had made the choice to quit. Then to my demise, the dealer would not accept it at school and so with this I turned to a "friend" of mine who I knew used many differnt types of drugs and asked if he would take it off my hands. He said no cause he could get in a lot of trouble. So then later i was requested by the administrasion and leaving the classroom I dropped the bag with weed in the garbage. So then I was searched vigourisly and they concluded i was clean. So I dodged a bullet. Then the next day I was brought out again and searched. I was really angry and scared this time. I had kept the weed in a ,"santas coal bubble gum" bag and the previouse day I had to explain what some little pieces of gum in my backpack were. They found the bag in the garbage. they connected the bag to me, and that it was the class I was pulled out of. Before I could think I admitted to It being mine and they tricked me into writing a statment ASAP. so I was sobbing and believed them wen they said it would make things better. So I wrote it and signed it and I felt stupid when I found out I could have claimed the bag to be tamppered with upon disposal. So the day continued horribly, they want me expelled instead of 10 days OSS because we are a "No Tollerance" school. and I have a hearing next week deciding if i get to go back or not. I have NEVER EVER been in trouble before this at school. No OSS no ISS no Detention no nothing. I made a stupid choice trying to do the right thing. please tell me what you all think if you read this. Im going through a lot of pain right now. If Im expelled ill have to reppeat probably cause this is a block schedual school, so ill get no credit for this year in all my AC/Honors/Pre AP classes. Im really smart. This was a downfall though. And they dont have my classes at the allternative schools arund here. and my mom cant homeschool me cause she only is good at LIT which im already great at.  Gosh my life is falling and Im trying to Pick it up. Hopefully everything will turn out alright. =(

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That was in 2009... How's things now