I Already Fell. (:

I met him a year ago when he came as a new student. He had ''something'' interesting about him which I noticed instantly but I didn't care much about that feeling then. Becaue of my shyness, I didn't speak to him at all for cca 2 months (maybe little less). And then one day we started talking and we were doing so great together. We started spending a lot of time together and he started to show his real face to others and they didin't like it but he was always true to me. Then I became the only female friend of his and he was only hanging out with me and couple of more guys. He isn't that good-looking at all, he's extremely cynical, sarcastic, can be evil sometimes with his jokes but he was still the best guy I have ever met. He has hurt some people with his words but he has never said anything mean to me. He would always end it up with a giant smile or a hug, or even sometimes a kiss on the cheek or forehead. We had so many similar interests-from the artists we like, to our ways of thinking. Everything went perfectly. Then people started talking that we actually like each other and that we just don't want to admit it. They said that it was the way I was ''shining'' when I was with him, and the way he was ''shining'' when he was with me. As time passed by, it turned out that they were right. We did fall for each other. And to me, this is the best love story ever, because what is better than having your best friend and boyfriend all in one? (:
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be careful.