Might Be...

Hi, I'm 15 and could be pregnant.
Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half soon and we have NEVET used birth control, we don't believe in it and everyone has their own choices in life.
We have been having unprotected sex for around a year now, and it's just recently he ********** in me and I have had symptoms like ; nausea, backache, constipation, really bad stomach cramps , urinating more often etc...
I'm due for my period in 5 days and am so excited for hopefully good news!
People say " your way too young your incapable" but you can't under estimate someone's ability! I'm scared to take a test and scared of what my family might think.
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It's not very likely that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms before a missed period. Pregnancy symptoms come at 6-8 weeks.

to late to be scared you need to tell them and get tested<br />
<br />
you made the choice toplay in an adult world the biggest mistake was to to give in to no protection noy you may have a child inside you and i bet he will be gone on to a next victum<br />
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it is your body use protection is he is going to visit it <br />
protection is not just to prevent babys it also helps prevent infections that keep on giving