Confused .......

Back in i think october (on a friday night) i got really sick after eating waffles with strawberries and whip cream one of my favorites , and it was unusual to me because i love it and never before did i get sick, i felt like i was gonna throwup i was bloated and moody also had a slight headache, i just blamed it on it was late, like 12 am (saturday) later that saturday morning about 6 i woke up bloated. i laid back down and later on about 9 am or so i wokeup and felt like as if i had been drinking all night. as the day went on i got better but still bloated that whole morning. few days after i had nausea and i craved ramon noodles thats like the only thing i ate well really wanted, days went by and i would have some symptoms but none were really strong i could handle them.... days went by i still had the symptoms just on and off. then i got my period and thought okay thats a sign im not pregnant ! but after i got off birthcontol in jan. 2012 my periods were really on and off then finally they started coming back every month but for 5 or 6 days straight. then outta nowhere around october i got only a 2 day period that was unusual, never in my life have i had a 2 day period but i enjoy it lol. at times i feel pregnant and others im like no i cant be. i got a period! but ive heard and had some friends who did not know they were pregnant at all til further along in their pregnancy. two things that happens to me is that after i eat i get really bloated and have a little tummy and after i get full i feel like i can not take another bite or i will hurl. #2 is that i would always drink redbull and coffee and now after im done drinking it, i feel neuseous again feel like im gonna throwup but i dont. this one time i felt something weird in my tummy one early morning it felt like tapping on my rib and it kind of tickled me and i couldnt help but smile. just 2 weeks ago i bought a pregnancy test and i took the first one nothing showed up a few mins after there was 1 really dark line telling me im not pregnant but then there was another line as i held it up to the light it was really faint. i didnt believe it so i waited a few days later and instantly i got another dark line ( not pregnant) but when i held it. i could see a really faint line again. i regret not buying more test but im only 18 and rely mainly on my parents right now. so i am totally confused . like i said i get syptoms on and off. i do not think im showing just bloated im 5'1 and people tell me im skinny and little so i would think i would show alot whenever i get pregnant but now im not so sure. can someone please help or give good advice? had anyone gone through something smilar ? i greatly appericate feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
lyssagirl24 lyssagirl24
Dec 31, 2012