14 And Might Be Pregnant

so im 14 my birthdays march 5 and my boyfriend is 16 turning 17 in august.... weve been together for almost two years(it will be two years on may 9th). We have been wanting to have sex for the longest and i was still a virgin. Hes only had sex with one person and that one person only had sex with him. Last night we kinda had sex. (I SAY KINDA CUZ IT ONLY LASTED LIKE 6 MINS.)First he put the condom on wrong, he unrolled it then tryed to put it on and i was like omg ive never had sex and i know how to put it on better than you. so then we started to have sex for like 2 mins. the he told me to get up, he took off the condom and i gave him oral sex untill he ejactulate then we put the same condom back on and started having sex again then outta no where he was like omg i dont know where the condom is now so i got up really fast and i was like your lying and he was like no then i turned around and started crying because i was sooo scared that the chance of me being pregnant is higher. So the condom was inside of me and i got it out within 2-3 mins.Afterwards we talked kinda and he said that he ddnt pre-********* in the condom the first time befor i gave him oral so he could in my mouth and he ddnt pre-********* or ********* or anything the second time he put the condom back on so i think ill be okay. I know a 19 year old that would buy me a pregnancy test i just have to give him the money so i will take it in like april or so if my peorid dosent come yet because my peorid is really irregular i guess cuz of stress like my last peoride took 3 months, i had it in november and ddnt have it again untill january soooo...... i really hope im not prego cuz idk how ima tell my mama she was pregnant with me wen she was 17 and had me wen she was 18. sh always told me to never have sex untill im 18 cuz she dont want me to got through what she went through.....she will be soo dissapointed in me and mine and my boyfriends future will be ruined.i never my first time having sex would be this bad and scary. i was with  right person it just was a really bad experence for the both of us. this never happened with him previous girl friend.......its prolly because its been like 3 years since hes had sex, he put the condom on wrong & he only brought 1, and to be honest i think the condom was too big.....isnt it supposed to kinda like grip at the base/bottom of the penis????Soo everyone PRAY FOR ME AND MY BOYFRIEND THAT I WILL GET MT PEORID SOON & I WONT BE PREGNANT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[ ps. comments make me smile so tell me what you think about my story?if you've been in the same situation?and if you were what did you do/what happened/?anything realllyyy )


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You have to kind of grow up and just tell her. Find a place to talk to her when it is just you two. Don't let her find out from somebody else. That is the worst way to find out. I hope everything works out okay for you! Be strong:)

OMG im only 12 and my birthdays coming up on march the 3rd and my boyfriend took it too far and tok of his condom and i know im pregnant coz i can see my bump coming can u guys please give me some advice how to tell my mum my boyfriend jack finds it funny but im far too young please help xxxx :(

I had unprotected sex with one of my guy mates, I'm not even going out with him! I'm so scared I'm going to be pregnant, I don't know If he ********** or not but there was defiantly pre-***( which can get you pregnant) I'm so bloody scared:(

im in kinda the same situation...i had sex for the first time like a week ago.. my parents found out that i did. im only 14.. i love my boyfriend. we have been together for 9 months,, and im not pregnant but having sex was still wrong. im too young at 14 to be having sex. i dissapointed my parents and im grounded for a long time.. i hope ur not prego. goodluck(:

i'm in the same situation at the moment for the second time! first time i was lucky but this time i'm not so sure!!! <br />
<br />
-MRS ******:'( xx

IM In the same situaion now ! :(

i'm 14, and i might be pregnant, me and my bf broke up, and he might be going to jail, so i'll have to go through this without a dad for the baby and i'm really scared, i know how you feel

same situation except me and my boyfriend use the pull and pray method, read my story to learn more but yeah i hope everything goes well!

Im in the same situation :(

Ahh am in the same situation :(

n tht situation now :(

Well if a baby is really not what you want @ 14 they I pray your not pregnant .having a baby is such a hard task especially at 14 I would now I got pregnant @ 14 and gave birth to my son Tyler when I was 15 and then my youngest son Jace when I was 18 I am now 20 and I have 2 boys and I am happily married with a baby girl on the way my teen pregnancy turned out great but it's hard being someones mom when your still a kid yourself ..... Wish you the best:)

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