so lately i have been feeling very very sick so i decided to get a home pregnancy test last night jsut to see because i have about a month late. so i took it and my friend looked at it and she said it was postive i thought she was jsut messing with me until i actually looked at it. once i did that i started to starts crying. i don't want to be pregnant im not ready for it and the father said that he doesn't want a child so that just makes me even more scared to tell him. im sure that with later months i will be more fine with it but right now im scared and i have no idea what to do. plus i might have just gotten a false positive so i still have to go to the doctors and find out but honestly im scared to do thate because if it wasn't then i have to tell him and he might just tell me to get rid of it or just not want to have anythign to do with me. so i really don't know what to do, all i know that if i am 100% pregnant than i am keeping it because i am very against abortions and i couldn't bring myself to put it up for adoption but for now i just have to be scared knowing that i more than likely am and that i have to tell the father...

melisag90 melisag90
Apr 2, 2010