Im Not Saying Its Impossible

I got 2 friends these 2 guys are the worst friends in the ******* world especially when they been drinking one insists on bringing up private person painful things in my past and and bring them up in public


but this isnt about that one this is about the other one who has gotten drunk on a couple occasions and madde it a point to mention how ugly I am


oh both of them will be the first to tell you they dont understand why I am single I am the funniest nicest coolest smartest blah blah blah


thats all fine and dandy but ugly UGLY

look I never thought of myself as brad pit and admittedly I am not typical I am 5 foot 10 230 pounds allright closer to 240 no reason to lie here but I am dieting and working out


but thats not what makes me atypical fat people are everywhere its that I am a albino a type b albino

so I dont have the white hair or the pink eyes but I am a black man with pale white skin I got black features I got a flat nose I got fat lips my eyes are actually hazel green


heres the point I always figured that I had nice features physicaly individualy thick lips nice skin pretty eyes these are all things I heard from the few women who I have dated in the past and others


I admit I dont look like anyone else in the world I am a uniqe indivdual 1 in 1000000 anomily but its not like I got a third nipple on my forehead or something


most people just assume I am mixed how the **** do you know I am not usually a self consciese person but when these 2 guys who arent good looking them selves and are total losers

but when you go out and you just cant meet anyone it feels like they might be on to something I talk to women all the time they think I am great a ball I get phone numbers and **** all the time

but none of them are ever attracted to me they dont have to say it its just plain as the nose on my face I


you can read and study to be less stupid

you can work out to get in shape

how do you not be ugly ?

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2 Responses Apr 23, 2009

The two people who commented above me are right - these guys are nasty, mean-spirited and anything but friends. <br />
One of the important things I've learned in my life is that attractive and unattractive are truly relative - just like intelligent/unitelligent, funny/unfunny, charming ... you get it. If you're comparing yourself to supermodels, then yes, you will probably find yourself lacking. But, really, who cares??? If you're confident and feel good about who you are as a person, women will pick up on that and will be attracted to you (many men and women will tell you that confidence is the ultimate attractor/aphrodisiac).<br />
If you don't feel confident, fake it until you really feel it (most people cannot tell the difference - they just see what you project).<br />
Good luck - and find some new pals, too.

they arent your friends, hey man to get a girl just be confident and be yourself