I Totally Hate My Sister

I totally hate my sister! She has hurt me and my parents so many times I lose count. Every time we let go of the past and forgive her,she does something else to hurt us. My mom always forgives her, then expects me & my dad to do the same. The thing is, me & my dad are two of a kind, we can see right thru my sisters BS! She never apologizes for anything she does and is never in the wrong. She selfish, has no common sense and lives in her own little delusional world. I would rather be an only child than have that b''ch as my sister! 

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1 Response Dec 25, 2008

I feel your pain! My sister and I are NOT close at all. I'm the oldest and J is 2 years younger. It's my youngest sister who's 12 years younger that has to mediate between us.