You Might Want To Think About The Natural Way.

I've struggled with schizoaffective disorder for years and have been fed so many medications I can't name and dealt with horrific side effects and a dull mood as a result.  I know what you are saying.  It's good to feel, to have actual non-medicated experiences of life.  I'm still bound to medication, but I'm learning about supplements, and I'm finding that there are a great deal of them that do what the meds. do without the side effects. Ask me for more info. 
ivegottheskinny ivegottheskinny
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Yeah, I was a teenager when this happened to me, so being drugged was the only option they gave me. Now that I know more and can learn I'm open to so many other things. It's a shame that our health care system has been bought and sold so that all doctors can do is push pills. More than a few of the meds. I have been on have been proven to cause life-threatening conditions, death and so many other things. Not the best idea.

The psychotropic medication is designed to shut off the higher functions of the brain, leaving you a mindless zombie, unable to feel or think as much as you should. The reason the voices go away for schitzofrenics who have voices, is cause the devil's advocates want these people to take these mind numbing medications, so they leave them alone to convince them to take the meds. The medication only inhibits your progression in life and the fulfillment of your destiny to return to God with glory, exactly what the devil wants. It's a devilish plan medication is.