Relationship Issues

how do you think aspegers affects the ability to have relationships with normal or for example a BPD partner?
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Background : I was asked to take a test at my psychologist for Aspergers, I declined but I feel the doctor is right, I don't want a label.

Anyways, I was with someone who was diagnosed with BPD and Bi-Polar disorder. It was a nightmare.

It is really challenging to have a relationship with anyone really. If you find someone you like, you already have the understanding that you're not going to understand or get everything they are trying to say and vice versa. Communication is key, even if it is in the form of a letter. I know I can write very well, but when it comes to verbalizing my thoughts, I say the wrong things.

It is possible to have healthy. It might not be perfect, but things rarely are.

The lack of social empathy that asperger's gives makes relationships VERY difficult, because you have to reason out what normal people just know. In the case of dealing with a woman, well often reasoning things out is completely impossible, and without that sense most people have, you are pretty much screwed.

With patience it is possible to learn, but any potential partner will need to be very understanding.

it's not impossible to have a good relationship, if you can fins someone who loves and accepts you. But such people are hard to find.

What's BPD?

I think unchecked Aspergers affects having a relationship with anyone.