I Might Leave Him, I Might Stay

I love him very much, but someone else has caught my eye and it's so hard to stay faithful. What do I do? :(
nobodyknowsme1984 nobodyknowsme1984
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2006

well being experienced in this field, i would say you'll never know for sure. If there is one thing to should know is that depending on your boyfriends involvement in your life, everything will change. Are you willing to handle that? People will talk, friends will leave, things will get nasty. If you're willing to deal with all of the above mentioned and be strong then i say go for it. You only live once, take chances make discoveries, and never give up on true love.

Write the pros and cons of this action on paper. Pick the one you think in the long run you can live with. But beware: the grass IS NOT always greener on the other side!