Conflict Of Interest

I love a man truthfully who lives off disability. When I met him, I would pay for things for him... food, dry cleaning, transportation, etc. We moved in together to save money. I don't make a lot, just enough for us to both get by month to month. Not enough to get dental or medical work done, even though I have insurance and just need to pay copays. Our household lives below the poverty line, but not as much as countless others and for that I am grateful.

I have been learning things about my partner and some business he is involved in developing. His is a true rags to riches story over and over and over again. His extended family growing up was affluent, but he and his mother were ostracized because she chose not to marry his father. She struggled to raise him alone, sometimes working three jobs.

He graduated early, applied himself in school for engineering and physics. He worked, earned enough to retire, bought his ex-fiancee a home, and she left with it and the majority of his wealth. He hasn't worked in a while, due to injuries as well as due to the fact that she could petition for 80% of his income.

He now has the capacity through inventions and natural resources to influence multiple industries and world markets. He's also an incredible investor/trader of currencies and stock options and can make 300-1000% returns on investments. I can't be more specific because of his safety and my own.

He talks about giving me half of whatever he earns, which could potentially be in the -literally billions-. He doesn't want to worry about someone being with him for the money. I will admit that this aspect of our lives, his life, and how it affects my own - is very much and often on my mind. It does not, however, mean that I am with him because of this. I would happily continue working and sharing the burden of living frugally if he decided the risks and liabilities of his pursuits were not ultimately worth it. I will not leave him if this is what he decides, as I do love him as one loves a life partner.

It is strange, however, to think that this massive wealth, orders of magnitude larger than anything I could imagine, is on the horizon, perhaps just a couple years off.

szabosha szabosha
31-35, F
Jan 6, 2013