Cheating Military Wife

I am a military wife who has cheated on her husband many times when he was deployed or on a mission. I found it very difficult to deal with my sexual frustrations while my husband was deployed so I sought sexual relief in the arms of others. My husband is a senior sargeant in the air force now and in recent years I have found that the young airmen are away from home for the first time and need sex. They are easy to pick up and very appreciative of what I have to offer them. I have no doubt that my husband cheats when he is deployed just as most men do. I plan to share some of my stories as I have time to write them.
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I am military...and I am married. I would love if my wife went out and had fun.... I love women that do that...its so hot!

You are more honest to yourself and others than most!

You are a piece of ****. You justify your dishonesty and guilt by assuming that your husband is as ****** up as you. If you are honest enough to write this crap for everyone to read; why aren't you honest enough to just admit that you are a **** that gets off on cheating and screwing lots of young boy....and since you're a ***** anyway, why not get paid for it....oh....did I just reveal another one of your secrets? You are a sick *****. Sleep around on your husband and then tell the world about it. You would do the same thing if your husband worked 9 to 5 and came home every day. We don't want to read this ****. These fools are asking that we respond with support and respect. Support and Respect is for people that deserve it.

Absolutely 100% agree :(

2 wrongs don't make a right. You saying you THINK yoir husband cheats is no excuse. No one forced you to get married, so get divorced so you'll be free to sleep with who you want and stop lying.

your a ******* **** father was in the army an it ruined my family when my mother cheated on my father... ill never forgive her for you wanna condon that slutty **** need to burn in hell hoe

I totally agree with you

Personally if you were my wife I would be a widower really quick

i'm not a wife...I am actually in the military. My wife never cheated...and for those of you that think I 'never found out' well...nope, its not that. I wish she would would be hot.


As a youth, having been raised around a military installation I can tell you there is much more of this going on than most people seem to realize. I rarely saw relationships broken when the hubby returned. Most of the time she stopped slipping around and things went back to normal, just as the 'cheating while deployed' husbands settled back into married life.
It's not right but some people just need it. Would a soldier rather his wife divorce him so she can have sex then remarry when he gets back? I know........she should practice restraint, respect her partner and the institution of marriage. The wives that can do that should be treasured but those that can't shouldn't be automatically discarded.


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Don't feed the trolls, Brenda.

Oh Brenda Brenda Brenda...a smart woman would know not to pick a fight with my boyfriend. One thing a stupid woman doesn't have to think too hard about is the qu
estion about you being a *****...instantly when I read this (as my boyfriend showed me the website in a fit of anger after your post) I thought of the show Maury. Everyone on Maury is a freaking garbage bag. They're all trashy people. Don't be trashy Brenda. You might say it's "spreading the love" I call it "spreading your legs and STDs" I wonder how you will feel when you find out that your husband comes home and has been loyal as hell. Crawl back to the hole you came from hoe.

People like this need to die, seriously. They don't care about whose heart they break. Horny people are never to be trusted.


thank you ...atleast some on said it

Right On

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The fact you have no remorse and no proof your husband has cheated on you is despicable. I have been deployed many times and my girlfriend has not once cheated on me neither I on her. Sexual frustrations are nothing; to assume that gives you the right to have affairs with other men is beyond disgust. Women like you shame the true and loyal others of a deployed serviceman and/or woman. Also you make yourself sound like a cheap prostitute with your comments. I do not respect you nor your decisions, it's disgusting I have to fight for people like you.

You dont have to fight or kill. We all make our choices and yours is to kill because you enjoy it. I make soldiers like you happy.

Brenda, if your marriage works this way, more power to you. I can confirm that you are far from alone in your giving. I knew plenty of wives who keep oodles of black soldiers satisfied when hubby was at gunnery or the training center in Germany.... And more than a handful of brown babies came along... :)

You know you both are disgusting and despicable. You're the reason soldiers don't want to fight for people back home. Inconsiderate, childish, and not worthy to live. I ask you one thing, please do not reproduce we don't need anymore inbred hicks ruining the world the way you are.

SoUnds Like a lot of Courts Martial waiting to happened and more Black Men in jail.


For how much?

Dude, she's a troll just trying to get a rise out of you, or have stupid 18 year old airman send pictures of their **** to her/him. The original post is plausible and believable but her replies pretty much show she/he is just playing a game

I Agree

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Would love to hear your stories

Hi, Brenda, I totally understand. When I was overseas my wife had sex with mostly black guys and got pregnant. Yes, I cheated with local girls in Japan and my wife knew it. There is no way for a young couple to go that long without sex. In fact it is not normal and leads to doing things recklessly. I also like that you are servicing young guys too. They are horny and you are providing an important service.

One of oursoldiers at FT Carson came home to 5 months pregnant wife. He slipped her a abortion inducing pill. **** her!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The world is full of sick idiots

Please share more... Wish you had been on my base

This kid is pretty much a nerd. Probably hiding somewhere beating off to sex stories and nudie magazines and wishing that he had the nerve to talk to a real girl. Look kid....the stuff that you need to boost your esteem comes in a glass bottle and has the word VODKA written on it. I'm figuring that after you get your rocks off for the first time that the girls of the night will be getting your pay checks from now on. Probably from Mayberry USA.

I'm currently in the army..... It isn't cheating if both parties have knowledge of the others extra fun times..

She didn't say that he had knowledge Dummy

I will only point out a few things that in our hearts, most people already know: there are NO permanent secrets, EVERYTHING WILL COME OUT AND BE KNOWN, sooner or later, one way or another. The truth is like that, it does not care who likes it or not, it just is what it is-- and it will become known-- because truth is eternal but no falsehood or deception lasts. Also-- each of us WILL stand ALONE before our Maker and give an account for our own lives and what WE did. I will not have to answer for how good a wife my wife was, nor will she have to answer for how good a husband I was. Each of us are and will be responsible for ourselves, before the Judge of all eternity. Please note-- no matter how bad a wife mine may be-- I am still responsible before God for how good a husband I am, regardless of what she does. Her sins and mistakes do NOT give me the right or the license to mess up, or to cause her pain just because she caused me pain. God forgives us our many sins and requires us to forgive as well > and to NOT view other's errors as an excuse for us to make the same or different errors. One sin does not and never will 'excuse' another sin. PLEASE do NOT wallow in filth (adultery) just because somebody else does- it helps NOBODY when we do that, and only hurts and reduces us.

I didn't know the "God" replied to these posts!!! Who are you to judge??

Somebody that's not ****** up like you fool.

Sean I am certainly not God, nor do i judge any person. I just know, from first hand and very bitter experience, what it is like when one member of a marriage has sex other than with the spouse. It hurts. Always. Horribly. Like with a street drug, there may be some pleasure and fun at first, but it always always ends up badly. I only wish to save others tremendous pain by warning them away from the cliff they may be tempted to leap from. Nice trip on the way down perhaps, but it WILL be bitter in the end. That's all. Meanwhile, I would ask you-- if those claiming to speak for God do wrong, please don't blame God-- He has only frail and faulty human beings to work with, to try to express His loving nature through. See past and through the fault of the messenger and hear the message of the One Who loves you so very much-- He does not condemn, He LOVES. Enough to guide us away from that which will wound us.

You have it right! I too have been cheated on by both my wives, and it still hurts sooooo bad!!! So bad, that I refuse to do any thing that might hurt someone else!!

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A military marriage is by far the toughest, going months without even a hug, it's understandable why couples cheat, I just feel in the long run it's damaging to the marriage to be unfaithful.

This statement is just stupid. Of course it causes damage to marriages. There is no justification. What do people think that the Armed Forces do!!!!!! They train for War....they are deployed for War when duty calls.....they die or return home. Meanwhile they are being disrespected by their spouses while they are gone; and disrespected and ignored by the government and society when they get back. They need to go on strike and let you ungrateful MF's defend yourselves. If you marry a soldier you KNOW what his or her duties are....and if you are so weak and pitiful that you can't live without sex for a while don't marry one!!;

This is just like my wife ma'am! And I've been on the other side of it too. When I was a young Marine, we got back from Iraq faster than most units on the base and the base commisary, PX, all the stores on base were just crawling with horny wives! Young and old! It was bad ***. Me and my wife even fooled around and seduced a few lonely ladies together! It's a time in my life I will never forget!

Sick MF

How would all of you amazing "Forever Faithful" and loyal women feel if you cheated Assuming that He was cheating on you while The Only person person he was and IS thinking of RIGHT NOW is you not DARING to touch a female because he wouldn't dare break your heart. Funny how assumptions Can be wrong . and Regardless You wont DIE if you don't have sex. you have Sexual "Wants not needs" You ALL knew pretty well What you were getting yourselves into while saying "I do" Funny how Two simple words Can make you look so sad. Great advice Cheat !! Lets make a Website on how to cheat on the person you made a promise to be with until you DIE. I understand if he cheated on you and you had to move on and find someone else. But why sleep with all of planet earth and use them as an excuse to cheat. Jesus take the wheel.

I was a Navy wife 22 long lonely years and honey what a fool I was for not cheating! nope I was the stupid wait for your man to return type, sending care packages to the ship with homemade cookies, gifts, love letters of our babies, crying on my pillow each night. I never did know if he cheated but I am sure he did.

Heather i hope u cheat now:)

What the ****.... You all are inborn hicks with no sense of loyalty or faith. I hope Karma bites your ***** hard.

How was being honest and faithful stupid. Explains that to me. Let's say he did cheat....does that mean that you stoop to the same low down rotten level? What would it have accomplished? You said that you don't know if he cheated and at the same time said that you are SURE THAT HE DID. How do you know if you didn't know? Don't make sense at all. People need to stop reading things that sick people's contagious.

My wife 'cheated' on me while I was at sea (20 year career). I was faithful to her the whole time and was aware that she was doing it. She would share her stories with me and she continued when I would return from sea, often times taking a lover the same night that I returned. We still enjoy what are now her 'cougar' adventures.

It Happens all the time. Away in the field on an exercise, deployed to Bosnia Iraq of AF and wives find their way out with friends. I personally know many military wives/ex-wives with black kids as a result of this and quite a few who went on to become ****** earning for pimps too.

Ho bags!

I think it okay that you cheated on your husband...I'm sure he has cheated on you. I'm a military wife and I can say that I have over heard the stories that guys tell about there deployment and how they f*** all these women while they were away. So do you!!!

You must be a very good husband to understand your wife and her needs.

I'd love to hear some of your stories.

maybe you should become swingers, or is half of the thrill knowing your are cheating?

That is sooo hot, wives should not be expected to wait for hubby to come home...if the wife is all means she should go and ****

were most of the young airmen that ****** you black guys?

How did you guess? Yes!

it was mostly married sweet wht ******* that attacted us mostly when their husbands were away and deployed.

how old are you? what's the youngest airman that has ****** you?

Thanks for your interest, hummm oh well, anyway, im in my 40's now and the youngest was 19. He was a real sweetie from Alabama and was an nervous as a ***** in church.

seems it is so easy for military wives to cheat. know mine did many times and know other guys wives did too. sometimes just an accepted fact.

I would love to follow some of your stories...

I was always honest and faithful to my fiance while i was in germany and iraq for two and a half years. 30 months with no sex except for the few occasions i got to take leave. then in my final month in iraq when i was going to come home and marry her i found out she was cheating on me the entire time. i'll say it again, women like you make me sick

Checkit23, first of all, thank you for serving your country. Many of us genuinely appreciate your sacrifices. While I never have served, a few of my friends from high school did, so please recognize that many solid citizens out there have nothing but respect for you and your fellow soldiers.

To the point: you are spot on about this poster -- she is a malignant cancer. By stating that she assumes military personnel are cheating when they are deployed, she is merely looking for a convenient excuse for her deplorable behavior. I hope you dumped your fiancee ex post haste once you returned from Iraq. She sounds like garbage.

With respect to this message board, it never ceases to amaze me some of the comments many of these coconuts make, including the one made by LovingIt2 above. Ignore them -- most are sitting in their parents' basement looking for **** on the internet, or looking for vicarious thrills.

Good luck in the future, and Godspeed.

Nice honest summary of what some military wives do when the head stud is out of sight. There is an old military saying, "When the one you love is not near, then you love someone who is near". I think that goes for ther men as well as the women.