I'm lead into a small low lit roomwhere i am met by three toned, naked men, in the middle is a large low soft leather topped table. I am ******** of my dress, but left wearing my stockings, waspie, and collar. I'm told to climb up on to the table on my hands and knees. My ankles are tied to the corners of the table with long velvet ties. My wrists the same.

Hands slowly and softly start to massage my heavy and full ****, encouraging let down. Once my milk is flowing out of me suction milkers are attached to my engorged nipples. The machine whirs happily as milk is pulled from my body.

The men stand back and watch as I moan an writhe on the table, then as one in agreement they move towards me. One moves behind me and slides his thick veiny **** into my dripping *****, another feeds his **** into my mouth, the third massages and squeezes my ****, ensuring all my milk is being sucked out of me.

They **** me over and over again, taking turns, each ******* in my ***** till *** oozes down my thighs. Once my milk has slowed, the machine is turned off and my swollen nipples released. I am un tied and lead slowly away from the leather table to my room where I am laid down on a soft bed. Salve is rubbed slowly into my **** helping them to recover from their milking.

I'm left to sleep in the knowledge that I will be milked again in six hours time.
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Love your story, plz add!

Love the story. You should write more

Id sure would love to **** and suck your **** 24/7. email me pics.

That is amazing story I was so glad to read it

love it .... would you add me to friends please

mmmmmmm I would love to experience that!

Great story

wow, loved it

Agreed...very hot read:)


I love that lactating experience! It painted a nice pic, but I would love real pics of you in your nursing bra, or breast pumping! Email me at insp1_sla<x> Thanks for turning me on!

Baby, you ought to share and narrate some more. I feel so HOT the way you spell out your experiences.

That is so hot, makes my panties real tight! I'd love that too, only i'd need one extra milker for my clitty!

i love the milking part...

WOW what an image! This is hot!<br />
<br />
i am a lowly male and could never experience this joy. But i can dream . . .