Milkmaiden Slave

He had been thinking about his Milkmaiden Slave all day and can't get her out of his mind. Then his Secretary comes in and says, "Sir, your next conference has been canceled. The client can't make it". He replies "Reschedule it for tomorrow" , as he reaches for the phone. He dials his Slave's number and says "I am coming over". "OK" is all she says. His secretary takes his coat from the coat rake. She removes some fluff from the sleeve and hands it to him. He says he will be gone for an hour. She nods and knows not to ask any questions.
As he is knocking on her door, she opens it. He enters and stands behind her. As she is closes the door, he moves his hands to her breasts, to test their firmness. "I am bursting" she tells him as she leans back into his arms. He says, "Sorry, I only have an hour". She arches her back away from him and begins to unbutton. He says "Take off everything" and, as always, she obeys him without comment.
"Where do you want me?", she asks him. "On the couch on your back", her tells her as he has done so many times before. She lies down on the couch and he knells on the floor beside her, completely focused on her swollen breasts. He begins at her feet and, slowly moves his hands across her beautiful body. She shivers with anticipation as his hands draw closer to her breasts.
Finally his hands reach her breasts and he takes her left breast between his hands. As he moves his mouth towards her nipple, he can see a drop of milk forming on the tip. He licks it with his tongue and runs the edge of his front teeth over her nipple. Then he takes the nipple and much of her breast in his mouth. He luxuriates in the strong flow of her delicious milk and she begins to writhe with pleasure as he keeps his mouth firmly coupled to her breast.
He begins to squeeze her breast, forcing milk towards out of his Slave. Her is creamy sweet milk has a strong flow and he sucks greedily. She almost passes out with the pleasure of having her breasts drained.
As the flow weakens, he moves his right hand down between her legs pushing them apart. He begins stroking her labia, moving them apart, looking for her wetness. She spreads her legs wide, presenting her shaven ***** to her Master. As his fingers enter her he stops sucking and holds the tip of her nipple firmly in his teeth and squeezes her **** between his fingernails. She becomes trance like, enjoying her Master's pain.
He doesn't put his fingers deep inside her but runs them around the rim of her  *****, and across her swelling ****. She arches as he does so. Sometimes, when he has drained her, he will move his mouth from her breast to her vagina, but not this time, instead he tells her to roll over, her back towards him.
He pushes her right knee up towards her chest. With his right hand, he takes his swollen **** and begins rubbing the head across her ******* and  vagina and finally hard up against her ****. She wonders which hole her Master will use this time, will it be her *** or her *****.  With his left hand he grabs her hair and pulls her head back hard, while he begins to slide his swollen throbbing **** into her *****. But only the head, no more. Then he whispers to her "Is that what Slave wants, Masters **** inside her".
"Yes Master", she replies, "Slave wants Master's **** deep inside her, where it belongs". And as she says these words he forces his **** deep inside her dripping wet *****. Deeper and deeper with each stroke. They are one now, luxuriating in the pleasure of oneness. A Master pleasuring his Slave, a Slave giving herself completely to her Master.

With the taste of her milk still on his lips, they begin moaning and breathing hard, in unison. Deeper and deeper with each stroke, the muscles of her ***** tightening on his ****. Then he slowly withdraws his **** and pulls her back so she is on her back again. She knows what he is doing and opens her mouth. He knells over her and places his swollen **** into her mouth. He grabs her head by her hair, one hand on either side and begins thrusting it deeper and deeper into her, ******* her mouth. Finally in a cry of ecstasy he gives her his milk, her Master's juices that she loves so much and she sucks them greedily.
When he is finished, he stands up and begins to dress. While he is dressing he looks at his beautiful naked Milk Slave lying on her back on the couch, eyes half closed. The Slave that has serves him so well and will always be his. 
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9 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Well done, sir! (if I may address you as such?) Very erotic, yet sensual at the same time. This ***** salutes you! :)

I loved the story please share more

I loved the story please share more

Now there's one very lucky slave ... getting all that attention! ;)

can i be ur slave please

Such a sensuous picture your pen draws for the mind to devour, Sir, and much enjoyed reading you here:) Thank you :)

The story makes my eyes heavy with desire and I like what you did with her leg. Pulling it up to expose her to your hands and the way you teased her with your ****... <br />
I also like the way that she was waiting for you; ready for you at the door, positioning herself on the couch.

nicely written & love the cocept of milk slave, waiting to be milked, with heavy, taut & firm breasts...add in more of milk play. love it

I loved it just as much the second time as the first time you told me. Every time I will read this I will think of me there.