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My Udders

I have wanted to find someone to use me as a hucow for sometime.  I have large udders and have spent time on my own trying to lengthen my teats.  They are already fairly long.  I totally understand the need for hucows to be on all fours with udders hanging and i would like mine to hang more and be used more.  They are 38FF and leak a little currently. 

I have had one experience to date where I met a guy on his farm he had me ***** naked and attached weights to my teats put me on all fours on a lead and led me to cowshed where I was thethered naked alongside others.  He regularly hand milked my teats and suckled them hard.  He invited others to make use of its udders also and he paraded it on all fours with udders swaying. 

This use made it feel as a true hucow but now needs to be able to give milk. That is its next task.
ukmaturecow ukmaturecow 56-60, F 12 Responses Mar 27, 2011

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I would like the to milk you.

ah, i wud love u 2 stand on all 4s totally naked,in a farm house, alogn with other cows..n u wud b smelling bad amongst their urine n cow dung..

but as an obedient hucow, u wud wag ur butt plug, in acknowledgement, n i want u 2 hv hairs all grown up every where arse creeks, ****, n armpits...! n just stand n walk there like a degrading cow, ready to get milked or ******...

i would love to see this hucow picture or videos how a hucow is trained and treated

me to

This is something I really want to try >.< Maybe one day.

yes me too have had several discussions about it and but not got there yet

Milk on tap from a willing provider... lovely. Have you plans on the ability to give milk yet?

well spoken to a couple of guys one who chatted about a goat milking machine and putting me on it regularly to stimulate flow he also wanted to use me in a cow shed to attach me to it there showing me off to anyone he wanted sounded all very good especially if able to get milk flow going

Ahhh I see! Machines - it had occurred to me about pregnancy haha. I wish you luck :) I hope to find someone willing to feed me.

you don't need to be pregnant to have milk thats why a lot of guys like to assist in the induction of milk into women they can control the womens flow of milk

Good news! I wish to be one of those guys. Do you know what I find - nobody EVER lives near me lol. I think Devon must be the most inhibited place on the globe!

oh i bet there are people down there into it just difficult to find them i was considering a move there but i need to find a job and that is not so easy

I think the men who like things like that outnumber the ladies, but then again that's just me being defeatist lol. No it isn't, it's no different here than anywhere else job wise :/ sure to let me know if you visit though :)

what kind of things do men like that you are talking about

Oh I don't know, just all the things on EP that you never hear about offline. I never hear anybody talking about ANR offline, or pregnancy risk sex etc. I think a lot of men may secretly like the idea of those things, but perhaps not so many women.

well although I'm female i am not a fan of females

they are basically i think more basic then men but don't like to own up to it but there are a fews prima donnas out there

ihavent shared my secret life with any of them - they are very judgemental but probably do something risqué themselves but i doubt they would have done what i have

I've spoken to a few females on here who are open minded, but when I think about the females in my life - perhaps at work,, they'd not be into anything out of the ordinary and likely be judgmental about it all. Guys are less judgmental, but guys can be risky. Tell a guy something secret, it may seem more funny to them to tell everyone than keep it to themselves. So I just end up waiting to find people online to speak to. Sadly, I've never had anyone to anything too crazy with.

yes there is problem with guys who can't keep their mouths shut i find

they never really grow up and don't know a good thing when they see it

Yes, some guys never do - and probably never will. The damage those guys do makes it very hard for the decent guy who arrives next. Still, you are proof that open minded, sexually uninhibited ladies do exist :p That excites me haha.

well wish i could find more men like that some are not even willing to get their ***** out in front of other guys amazing

Lol, that's some weird macho thing I think. "I'm not doing that, that's gay" or something. I've never had a MMF threeway, but it's not the **** that frightens me its the not being as good as the other guy haha!

OMG never the thing to worry about everyone is different there are no marks for achievement it doesn't work like that

Nice to know :) I would just worry I'd be all done and waiting half an hour for the other two to finish lol.

men are notoriously quick its how their equipment work women take longer

Another good piece of encouragement! It's better the more you're with someone but I find the first time with someone new is usually too quick haha. Still, maybe just encourages more practise xD

lots of use is always good

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I wish that I was there to milk you as well. You seem like a very deserving cow.

i would be for use by many of course

Try a breast pump on those magnificent udders, I don't mind helping if you need it lol

oh nice!!

I would love to suck on them! They look fantastic!

well thank you that is one of their purposes

Would love to suck them if you ever come to Florida

let you know

One of the fun things about hucows is the breeding . When you are on "all fours" on your hands and knees you can be in a milking rack that leaves your ***** and arse available for the farmer and all his friends.

how i should be positioned

On your hands and knees ( your hooves ) with your butt in the air. There will be a fake tail ( a butt-plug ) stuffed in your arse, for the hucow look.
Then your legs will be spread wide , to open your *****. Then the fake tail will be removed. Your farmer and some of his friends will come in and admire you and then they will all use you.
Would you like that ?

I would love it how it should be used what it is for god made me very hot and horny

Your breasts are beautiful.

thank you im glad u like them

How big and long are your nipples?

probably nearly an inch when fully erect and thick

That sounds delightful. I would love to crawl under your **** and bite and nibble on them. Does that kind of thing turn you on?

What do you mean you only meet 2 plus guys?

groups only

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Maturecow I would love to meet up with you and suck on your teats on a regular basis suck on them and massage them, bring them to life to start producing milk for us both to use, I would love to examine that horny body, while you hold open that beautiful cunthole, I would live to sniff and taste it, I bet your asscunt is a wonderful place for my fingers to explore, my **** to massage the inside with your breast milk to lubricate it, mmmmm. If you ever need someone to play doctor and give you a full examination and take samples for taste analysis, I would truly love to be that doctor. I am usually parked in a carpark at lunctimes in Harrow area, I would love to write you a fantasy sometime perhaps you would like to park up next to me so I can pass it to you, make sure you are braless I will want to give your teats a little suck on your visit, discreetly of course ;-) xxxx

how horny does all that sound love the idea of being used examined as necessary

Well we must be so close, how about I hand write you a reall dirty filthy story of my examination of you, then meet me in the corner of the car park I sit in midday in harrow area. I will read the story to you in the car and see if I can get your teats to start leaking as I take you into my depraved world. You can then take my hand written story home with you and read it on your bed before you go to sleep ;-)xx