My Journey - The Beginning

I lie awake thinking about his strong warm arms around my hips. How do I do this? How do I tell him I need him to suck from my heavy, 36DDD breasts. I need his sweet wet mouth on me.

How do I explain that I began massaging my breasts and pulling at my nipples in an effort to start milk production. He makes me so wet and creamy. I want to feel like that everywhere. I want to feel my breast ache with milk. Milk made just for him. Just as he feeds me his sweet milk, I want to give him milk to go with the sweet cream between my thighs. He drives me mad with desire. Well, I did. I told him that I want to feel him sucking at my hard thick nipples. That I want to make milk for him. Watch it drip down his hard think manhood.

He had never been a breast man before. But he never had such huge mounds of flesh to play with before. Never really felt what if felt like to have his penis wrapped surrounded by them. I love to place them next to his hardness when I wrap my wet lips around him. I love to feel his fingers on my nipples while my tongue teases his tip. He has given me the strongest ****** from this simple lovely act. To feel all of him inside of my mouth - stroking and filling me and have him hold, pull, tease my nipples brought the slowest, hardest one I have ever felt. And to think, he never touched me down there. I never touched me down there. But with every stoke on my hard sensitive nipples it felt as though he was licking my tender lips and my aroused ****.

I think he is becoming a breast man. He is learning very fast how to wrap him mouth around my areola and suck. If his body is any indication, I think he likes it. I love holding his head and watching him. He is gorgeous and I feel like a queen. He now wants to be fed. To hear him tell me this makes me even wetter. My breasts are growing firmer and are beginning to throb more. I will get a breast pump because he is very busy and I am going to do this. Whenever I think about milk dripping out of my nipples my whole body trembles. I so desperately need to feel his lips draw milk from my heavy breasts. So big and soon to be so juicy.
simonehefner simonehefner
41-45, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

wonderful experience hon and a very lucky man. your a one and a million woman. :)

My mouth is watering thinking about suckling on and being nourished by your ****! Mmmmmmmm...