Milk Slave- Breasts For His Pleasure

I was a milk slave, my breasts were kept full of milk for his milking pleasure. My big nipples controled by demand.  He was hungry demanded to feed off my breasts any time he desired; in the bedroom, out in the woods, in the car, on the beach. I felt my nipples being sucked and milked.

He torn my shirt open to get to my ****. My bare **** bounced out. His hungry mouth attacked my breasts, grabbing and milking me. Sucking and tugging and pinching my big brown nipples. Drinking me.

I wait for his tongue to latch on to my ripe blueberry sized nipples, it drives me wild, sucking on my sensitive nipples. Demanding my nectar.  Making my ***** dripping wet and hot.


Hulagirlz Hulagirlz
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22 Responses Jan 19, 2010

Another wonderful fantasy. ;)

This is great and I am so jealous of him

I would also love to be a milk slave and feed my husband directly from my ****

It reads as a poem, something lyrical in nature, something that will stay with a song, your words, and very hot...very sensual...a very good read:)

Real hot topic. I have never tasted mothers milk and would love to. THis is certainly one of my goals . I'lll have to add it

I loved offering my milky **** to him. I wait for him as the milk pressure in my **** grow. Aching for him.

Boy, would I love to find someone like you to be my milkslave! I would be drinking milk ALL the time

I'd love to see a photo of these milky breasts that have us all excited & fantasizing about drinking your sweet milk from.

da*n I´d make u feel like superwoman

I love feeling my big nipples taken deep into a mouth suckling me. It makes me feel like a woman.

I would love to have u as my milk slave

milk is supply and demand. some induce with regular suckling sessions 5-6x a day or breast pump, mother's milk herb tea, or herbs. depends on ur preferance.

No physically how does it happen?<br />
I know how it works with during pregnancy, but dont know how it is induced?? :-)

my man demanded it and i did it. i satisfied his pleaures.

How do you make it happen??

A true milkmaid will offer u her breasts to milk and feast always

what makes us want to be taken, make us submissive, make us want to be seduced when we want our men to drink from our breasts?

I was milked for his milking pleasure. swollen **** aching to be milked

how does one become a milk slave?? that would be great to be a milk slave

reach in and milk me

milk her good, i need a good milking

sure wished i was the HE you were talking about keep up the milking babe