Would Like To Be One

I want so much to be kept as a milk slave and surrender my body and will to a powerful man who will dominate me completely.  I like to be dominant (even motherly) too, but something about giving milk (especially using my breast pump) makes me want to be tied up and forced to submit.  I want to have to wait for him to take my milk until I am swollen and leaking, never asking, just trusting my master to choose.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
15 Responses Feb 11, 2010

That is very similar to my own fantasy, although from the other side of the equation! ;-)

I would be delighted to! I was unable to send you a friend request so could you send one to me instead? :-)

I'm your man!

hi, I am new at this..anyone near PA want to help me. I have 52D at the moment. I can't wait to have them dripping and have someone suckling them.

i'm very interested and located in the virginia beach, va area. would love to hear from you.

Hey Poli, you obviously know nothing about dominance games. Submission is NOT disrespectful to me or my partner. And who's being picky? Did you mean yourself? I'm picky because I won't travel from Texas to Canada for you? Please keep your judgments about my character to yourself and keep the comments to my story. Karuna

would love that ...we as a couple have a fantasy of my hubby milking me using deavy pumps..hope that come true some time soon.

it heavenly to have milk & being sucked when they are full & heavy.

It's hard to imagine what your story did to me. <br />
I never thought seriously about being a milk maid. But reading your story, and comments, made me shiver. Submissiveness is huge. And it is so erotic, so soft and tender (even if I don't know if you really meant it to be this way). Mareola, I loved your story.<br />
Love H.

I want to be a milk slave as well - I'm in the process of trying to induce lactation for my boyfriend so he can have me any time he wants. I'm looking forward to giving it to him whenever he desires. I also can't wait for the bountiful effects being a milk maid will have on my breasts - I'm already in love with how my nipples are constantly erect - I've started wearing tank tops with minimal support shelf bras so my boyfriend can see my erect nipples all the time, through my shirt. Doing that only encourages him to suckle them more often. :)

I would drive up your milk production with a pump, sometimes milking you myself, sometimes just letting the pump suck it out. Your breasts would huge and you would be suprised, of har much milk they are ready to produce. It is leaking already a little now, so you can tell that they are wiating for it. <br />
Then, being used to being milked everyday, they would overfill, getting huge and you would feel the urge to be milked, which I would refuse and then, when they start leaking and hurting, I would start milking them from behind, I would stretch you with my very thick **** and milk you like there is no tomorrow, while doing you doggy style and listening to your desperate moans. I would enjoy the milk, let it nurish me, while trying to see how much I can drive up milk production. the more they produce, the more you would become prone and dependent on proper milking.

This idea so turns me on. I'm still trying to get my milk to come in. I love the idea my husband could do anything to me as long as he is drinking my milk. I love the idea of being seduced by a lover so he could suckle my breasts and make me his slave.

You put the finger on a very exciting subject for me, blending ANR/ABF with D/s or BDSM. Maybe we should start a group called ANRBDSM or ABFDs and watch people scratch their head lol.

very nice and desirable situation

I know you mean no disrespect, but I do so despise kine comparisons.

That sounds like a good goal girl. If you were closer I'd love to train you to be my personal cow pet. Forced to give more and more milk until your udders were stretched to bursting. If you ever consider relocating, you would be welcome in my milking stall. I'll keep the milking machine ready for you.