The Miracle Of A Loaf Of Bread.

I had been homeless for around eight months at this point, i'd like to share an experience of a Miracle that happened to me one very cold, wet night. As far as Miracles go, it was a small , but important one to me.

I hadn't eaten for four straight days, I had found a reasonably dry, warm place to sleep, in the basement of a block of flats. Every day I had gone out, and tried to either earn or steal some food, i'd prefer to earn it, but beggers cannot be choosers, so occasionaly, I had to steal. But this period of time had been particularly hard, I hadn't eaten in four days, and it had been a week of falling temperatures, and lots of rain.

Hunger was really getting to me now, making me weaker, I needed to find food. One rainy cold night, I was wandering the streets, checking out every rubbish bin, and discarded wrapper and cardboard box, but I didn't find a solitary thing that was even nearly edible. I walked on, my only clothing at this point were Jeans, a thin Tee shirt, a too large sweater, and old training shoes, and tonight I was soaked through and cold. I was walking along a wide and long main street, but it must have been well past midnight, as no one was around, and no cars had passed me. In the distance, I could see a Zebra crossing, lit either side by spotlights, so that a person crossing the road at this point would be safer, because of the spotlights. i trudged on, occasionally looking into dustbins as I went, and then, well.... then it happened.

I must have been about 100ft from the Zebra crossing, but where the spotlights met on the road, I could see something, I walked toward it, as I got nearer, I could not believe my eyes! or the sheer perfection of what confronted me. Smack in the middle of the road, and smack in the middle of where the two beams of light met, was a large family loaf of bread! in its wrapper, just sitting there!! I ran, I bloody ran as fast as I could to claim my prize! I picked it up, and do you know what? it was still warm!! I could not believe it, and I burst into tears, I felt so relieved, and I actually started laughing! I turned right around, and trudged back the way I had come, I had about a two mile walk, until I could get out of the rain, and into some kind of warmth, but let me tell you, I opened that wrapper, and took out a slice of warm , fresh bread, and I started to eat, and in all truth, I felt as though i'd been saved, and won the lottery at the same time! This was my experience of a Miracle, thank you for reading.

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Wow, thank you for sharing :-)

This was written on my birthday. Another blessing and reminder of His constant care and just one of the small miracles in my life last year that helped me get through a very hard time. Friends like you and learning to live rather than continuing to try to live up to others expectations. This all resulted from prayer and thanksgiving to the ONE who always provides.

This story gave me chills and if anyone I have had the pleasure of corresonding with deserved the miracle, you did. I have had so manymiracles happen in my life and thank God daily. It is amazing how many people miss out on true gifts that are free and one of those is your friendship. Thank you for sharing that beautiful and amazing story that brought tears of happiness and thankfulness for one of the most beautiful people inside and out I have ever had the chance to correspond with. May God continue to bring miracles into your life as I pray for your health and happiness daily. Blessings always to you and your family!

Not a "small" miracle... whatever that may be. God provided for you!

thank you very much for sharing your experience with us

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Thank you for sharing:-)

Thank you for taking the time to read it my friend.