I Misscarried My Two Sons At 22weeks..

Hi my name is arlene,,

I misscarried two baby boys..My first misscarriage was in june 2006..I was 22 weeks and my waters broke at home..a week later i dilivered my son jake..Unfortunitly he was far too small to survive...My partner and i was trying for a very long time for a baby after the misscarriage..See ive got irregular periods so its very hard to judge wen its the best time to try...Anyway in september 2008 the day of my birthday i found out i was pregnant again.......We were over the moon..we were talking about the future and everything.we both couldn't wait for this baby to come along..On new years eve i got terrible pains and we went straight into the hospital to be told AGAIN that i was in labour at 22weeks......It was the worst thing i ever went true..I lost my son noel ringing in the new year...I was so cross wen the doctors said that i will have to get a stitch in to hold my pregnancy the next time i fall pregancy...I was so angry,,why didnt they tell me this the when i lost my first son too prevent me from loosing my second...

Its been 8weeks since my misscarriage,,The bleeding stopped after my misscarriage about 5days later and no sign of my period still.......I really hope i am pregnant but cant gett excited because i feel guilty wen i do..Nothing will replace my little angels in heaven....I do hope im pregnent but my periods are all over the place it could just be another late period..I could get them next week or the week ever...


Its been extremely hard for me and my partner because our best friend just got out of hospital..DO ya wanna no what she was in for?? she just had a baby boy..I cry now the hole time cause im so jealous and do dream it was me instead..I am happy for her..just wish i could have a gorgous baby boy in my arms


arlenek339 arlenek339
Feb 23, 2009