I Miscarried About Two Weeks Ago...

I was pregnant and had two yolksacks. I didnt know if this pregnancy would been good or bad but I guess it turned out to be bad, because when they did an ul on me they saw two yolksacks but no heartbeat and we thought I was 8-10 weeks. But it looked like I only was 5 weeks. I guess it turned out to be a bad one because last thursday [ the thursday before last I mean] I miscarried. I bled on wed/thu night and then it stopped to light period and all was good and dr said i could wait to come in the next day when I allready had an appointment. Then at work around 5 pm it happened again, me and my husband went home. Everything was okay again and he went fishing, he was only going to be away for like 5 min [but turned out to be 30. ] None of us could ever have expected what was going to happen.
I laid there on the couch and suddenly I had bled some of the couch down. I hurried to the bathroom and sat there. I called my husband and told him it wasent quitting this time. He came back and tried to get me up but I was way to panicked and weak to do anything. He called the ambullance when I passed out. I drifted away, I remember something about 31 and thinking Leia nonono. [Leia is my 2,5 year old]. Ambulance took me to a hospital where they gave me 2 units of blood. I had a DnC. They put me to sleep for it, I hurt alot before that and Ive never seen so much blood. I was very pale and I am very lucky to be here. They said I lost half of my bodys blood.

Im glad all thats over. I am going to try again in a few months. I am still recovering and building my blood up.

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Thank you both of you. It means alot. :)<br />
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It was scary, Ive never ever lost that much blood. Never seen that much. It did freak me out. Im sorry you got to go through it too stuffshuffler. Its so awful. :( Ive been to work for a week now and am doing okay even Im still tired alot. My little 2,5 year old keeps me going though :) Im glad to have her. Shes such a jewel.<br />
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Thank you both so so much! :)

That must have been really scary. Luckily you got to the hospital in time. When I had my son, I lost most of the blood in my body. I had to get blood tranfusions on 2 different days. I am normally pale, but the doctor said I reached new shades of pale. It will take a while for you to get your strength back up. Good luck and take care.